estimates that its sales will multiply by 4 during Black Friday

0 estimates that its sales will multiply by 4 during Black Friday

masaltos.comthe leading company in the online sale of footwear to increase men’s height, estimates that your sales will multiply by 4 during this Black Fridayas reported by the company in a statement.

This 2022, has decided to celebrate Black Friday when it really corresponds Friday the 25th November 2022, concentrating the entire campaign on that weekend and extending it with the well-known Cyber ​​Monday.

Unlike the entire ecommerce sector, which has been in a clear stagnation since the beginning of 2022, the company is in full growth in relation to the last two years and the numbers predict that this year will exceed 1,500 orders throughout the weekend.

From they have highlighted that the product that sells the most is Elevator sports shoeswhich has been exceeding in previous years 50% of total sales volumefollowed by casual shoeswhich supposes almost 30%. Similarly, although they receive orders from more than 120 countries around the world, more than 40% of orders come from the United Statessince the company directs its “black Friday” campaign mainly to that market.

As you have commented Antonio Fagundo, president of Masaltos.comPeople have been waiting the whole month of November for this day to arrive so they can advance their Christmas purchases and get a good discount”, so the impressions of the company are positive and optimistic. Now that we are in a delicate moment for the economy, Fagundo assures that everyone benefits because with this type of promotion everyone in the production chain is helped (manufacturers, sellers, courier companies, marketing and advertising agencies, distributors , etc).


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