Home Sports Más Móvil confirms Euskaltel’s bet for the next two seasons

Más Móvil confirms Euskaltel’s bet for the next two seasons

Más Móvil confirms Euskaltel’s bet for the next two seasons

The presentation of the new Euskaltel jersey for the next season served for the CEO of Más Móvil, which has bought the Basque company, to commit to the project for the future. In the next two years, one hundred percent, the team will hit the roads with the orange mark. The elements that support the orange suggest the sea, the mountains, the meadows and other things that identify the Basque Country.

“We continue pedaling together. Mas Móvil has had to become shareholders in order, among other things, to be able to sponsor a cycling team. I, on a personal level, I can assure you that I love riding a bike. Every weekend I go mountain biking and I think we are in good shape because we usually do sports, “said Meinrad Spenger.

The event had a high institutional representation since the CEO of Euskaltel, Xabier Iturbe, also attended. “We have to give channel to the fans who are eager to reoccupy the ditches and to encourage their cyclists. It is also a channel for the athletes themselves since the Foundation gives them the opportunity to dedicate themselves to this. Color Orange helps a lot because it can be seen from all places and we believe that it is a hallmark, “he commented.

Jesús Ezkurdia is the Manager of the Euskadi Foundation and, before traveling to Madrid for the presentation of the Vuelta, he made some reflections. “There have been some more complicated years but now we have detected that young cyclists dream of racing at the Euskaltel. The jersey is different. The UCI forced us to make some changes and I think they have succeeded in Etxeondo “, he assured. There are elements that are inspired by the sea, green meadows or mountains but orange continues to predominate. The two cyclists who attended the event in Derio were Mikel Bizkarra and Mikel Aristi.

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