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Más Chat makes enterprise instant messaging a reality

Más Chat makes enterprise instant messaging a reality

The services of instant messaging They are one of the first alternatives to make business communications more effective. With this type of service it is possible to connect with clients and collaborators in real time. And, at the same time, unify communication and marketing efforts in a much more precise way.

Más IP, the Spanish telecommunications solutions company, has understood this and, therefore, this year announces the launch of Más Chat, a instant messaging management software powerful, flexible and customizable that speeds up the sending of communications and customer service.

This service is a new exclusive proposal for the business area that offers organizations a platform to control and monitor their inboxes and text communications through multiple channels simultaneously. In other words, more than a written communications tool, what Más Chat delivers are a series of functionalities to achieve more and better conversions from interactions with customers.

Más Chat, an innovative instant messaging service

According to him General Director of Más IP, Eduardo GimenoMany companies spend countless hours of their employees answering their customers’ questions via whatsapp, social networks, email, live chat or email and do not have an effective and economical solution to unify these conversations. For this reason, it is essential for us to make available to these companies software designed to be more agile and fast, as well as not to lose any opportunity to interact, sell and be available through all the channels used by their customers.

In this sense, one of the great benefits of Más Chat is that it can make a big difference in customer service, sales and marketing teams, since on the one hand, it allows you to view, answer and measure all the conversations started by customers and on the other hand, create new conversations to generate demand or communication.

According to Gimeno’s opinion, the instant messaging software can solve 30% of business communications with customers. In the same way, it becomes a key piece for maintaining relationships with suppliers, collaborators, business partners and other relevant stakeholders for the company.

The Marketing Director of Más IP, Laura Olmedo, affirms that the purpose of Más Chat is to give companies a tool that helps them to deliver an omnichannel communication experience to their customers and employees. According to Olmedo’s words, “The tool facilitates immediate communications between companies and customers, allows action protocols to be created in order to offer customer service that has a direct impact on the image, positioning and loyalty towards the brand, and also becomes a source of Zero Party Data for very high value to obtain insights, measure, optimize and replicate interactions of a very high quality”.

Business challenges that can be overcome with instant messaging

With Más Chat it is possible to reduce customer response times to a minimum and implement 24×7 customer service hours. Instant messaging can serve to establish a new level of closeness with the consumer and with little effort. This is because the software supports customizable bot technology and autoresponders, both of which can be targeted for self-service options.

Olmedo confirms that the service can be configured to complement telephone communications, for example, a virtual switchboard to relieve pressure on call centers when their volume is very high and the customer experience can be affected.

But that’s not all, Más Chat is flexible to adjust to different processes such as closing sales, order processing, support, frequently asked questions, among others. In short, customer service and their expectations regarding the service can be aligned with what a company can offer.

The best thing is that the communications through the software will be available from any device.

What Más Chat delivers

The software is characterized by providing all kinds of resources to companies that need to execute a mobile strategy for communications between departments and with clients. Through Más Chat, very specific conversation flows can be programmed for different market segments.

So far, the software is being used efficiently by e-commerce, educational institutions, consumer goods companies, retail, consultants, hotels, among others. Its most outstanding features are:

  • Single inbox that centralizes all conversations from channels such as Live web chat, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Telegram. This allows efficient handling of interactions from a single interface.
  • Optimization of outgoing and incoming WhatsApp message delivery, which includes sending documents and scheduling automatic responses. This functionality makes processes faster and gives customers options to achieve effectiveness.
  • Translations of the texts that occur simultaneouslywhich is crucial to achieve an international reach and to deal with clients or collaborators with whom there could be language barriers.
  • Seamless interactions that can go from text to video callsso that companies can more easily convert leads who are willing to take personalized advice or need an extra to gain confidence.
  • Live chat and custom bots. In the same way, email centralization function and email campaigns for monitoring conversations and support tickets.

Everything that Más Chat brings to the telecommunications market is so that companies can break down any obstacle in their customer service. Organizations will find in this and other Más IP solutions modern alternatives to unify communication channels.

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