Mary Romero approaches the World Cup

Mary Romero (8-3-0, 2 KO) knows no limits. The 37-year-old Spaniard will contest the WBC Silver bantamweight title against Seren Cetin (10-0-0, 7 KOs) tomorrow in Istanbul, Turkey. A victory would put her at the gates to play a World Cup. In addition, it comes from winning the gold medal at the Belgrade Tournament with the Spanish Boxing Team. “It has been a shot of energy from yes you can. I am super well, I feel agile, I feel strong at the weight I am at ”, explains the Murcian.

The Spanish has an important appointment in Istanbul. The undefeated home awaits you Seren Cetin to do it first defense of his WBC Silver bantamweight belt. “It will be a very difficult fight, because in fighting abroad you already know what they can do to you, what you expose yourself to. So I don’t want to leave that doubt and I want to go all out”, explains Romero. She is coming off losing her European super bantamweight champion belt to Ellie Scotney (6-0-0, 0 KO) at Wembley by unanimous decision. “Heal also that wound I have from the fight in London where It wasn’t me where I let that fight slip. I had neither the aggressiveness nor the courage of how I am. Giving everything and if they beat me it’s because they’re better than me, but not because I haven’t trained, because I haven’t done things”, says the Murcian.

Before the fight, Mary went with the Spanish National Team to the Belgrade Tournament and managed to take home the gold medal in the -54 kilos category by defeating the Russian Elizaveta Kartashkova. “This fight in Belgrade has been great for me. It has been a shot of energy that it can be done. I am super well, I feel agile, I feel strong at the weight I am at. I spent a week where I had to give weight every day. I made weight a month before the fight with this girl”, he assures.

From the national team, Romero received the call to be part of the team circumstantially. Not having the European belt, it would not hurt him in any way to fight as an amateur. “Once I lost the title in London, I said: Why not? Why am I not going to fight on both? What do I lose? I don’t lose anything, because training I’m training, both for one thing and for the other”, says the Spaniard. After bringing the gold home, Romero stated that would you like to go to the olympics. “What athlete wouldn’t want to say, okay, at least try? In my time that I was in Olympic boxing and I was in the National Team, that opportunity did not come. He was also of a different age,” explains Mary. The Spanish does not set limits in any area.

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