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Marvel: Is Kevin Feige leaving?

It is no longer an open secret to know the cinematographic universe Wonder is in great pain. Between the fiasco of the last projects (Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Secret Invasion, The Marvels), the confusion surrounding the legal situation of Jonathan Majors – is supposed to be the new ugly flagship of Wonderthe dismissal of Victoria Alonso and the postponement of almost all film projects MCU By 2025, the crisis will knock on the subsidiary’s door Disney. Without forgetting the uncertainty that existed around the film until a few weeks ago blade. Many rumors point to an imminent departure of the big boss Wonder since its inception, Kevin Fig. Accordingly The direct oneduring an interview with the podcast The cityanimator Matthew Belloni and his colleague Joanna Robinson have put forward possible hypotheses about the eviction Kevin Fig.

Given the very disappointing results of the projects at the box office and beyond Disney+, Joanna RobinsonAuthor of ” MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios » provided some details about the famous entrepreneur. If she initially thought he wanted ” Take Bob Iger’s job as head of Disney“Ultimately, he would like to remain in a managerial position in one of the big ear company’s subsidiaries. She suggested that he could take over Kathleen Kennedy in the house of Lucasfilm to control the universe war of starsas he considers him suitable for this position. “He could take over Lucasfilm because he’s more of a Star Wars guy than a comics guy. So if a position opens up at Lucasfilm… (…) If Kathy is tired and you can blame her for that, then I think Kevin would be happy to do that, but otherwise I think he’s staying true to the empire that he’s built . »

The Miracles – Disney
The Miracles – Disney

A recent report from diversity the difficulties were discussed in detail Wonderbetween the uncertainties Jonathan Majors and be Kangthe most important new recordings for The wonders which caused her to flee Nia DaCosta the director… But also statements that argue that certain projects were accelerated by the studio through announcements (Armor Wars or even the F4ntastics, who are still waiting for the casting to become official). Kevin Fig has definitely announced that it wants to completely restart the universe 2027 with Avengers: Secret Wars. Now it is MCU hopes to relaunch on the studio tabloid with two unique projects: the series echo In January 2023 And Deadpool 3scheduled for July of the same year.

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