Martín: “This shows the mental strength I can have”

Huge fourth place Jorge Martin for the Portimao 2 grid, in the same setting in which he fell in April and suffered eight fractures spread between his arms and legs.

-Do you know better a result like this on a circuit where you have such a bad memory of the month of April?

-It has more value, I think, and it shows me a lot of the mental strength that I can have. This is very good going forward. To come here with fear, because I was afraid and did not want to come, but to be able to face it and overcome it, because I have almost forgotten it. Yes, it is true that in that corner, when I tried to go full throttle and I saw that my bike moved a bit, because I went a bit long instead of putting it in. I still have a bit to go, but coming out fourth is incredible. Every training I am closer. I am improving and understanding the category. For me to be a difficult track, I am two tenths from pole.

-Do you sign the podium in the race?

-The victory is very difficult, very difficult, but I do not rule out anything. I usually suffer quite a bit in FP4 and then I am able to put a faster pace in the race. I am there. Following Pecco I didn’t feel at all uncomfortable. I think we are going to have a great race and fight for the podium, which is the main thing, but finishing in the top five or six would be fine.

-What career do you expect?

-I see everyone very similar. We are all very close. I don’t think it will be a group race, because in MotoGP in the end it is very difficult for it to be like that with the slips and everything, but I see it more evenly than other races. I see the Ducati very strong, but it is clear that Pecco has something more and Fabio also. The first ten or twelve laps we will be quite together.

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-How about meeting Stoner? What a collection of photos he has of pilots when he was a kid.

-I have photos with almost everyone, because in 2006 I went to Valencia and I could see everyone. It’s cool to see those photos and see them now with me in MotoGP. I have not spoken much with him, but I have shown him the photo and he was excited. I told him it was the same, because the uncle seems to have a pact with the devil, but he did not give me time to give me any advice.

-How much of an encouragement is being rookie of the year?

-Sincerely, practically none of the encouragement. I face the weekend like any other and it is clear that I notice where Bastianini is and where I am, but it is not something that keeps me sleepless. I don’t care a bit, because I have shown myself what I am capable of. This weekend was difficult for me and being able to be fighting is more than enough.

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