Martín Presa assigns Iñigo Pérez to stop desertions in Rayo

Rayo Vallecano’s season after Iraola’s time was really complicated and Martín Presa has decided to change the direction of the team with the appointment of Iñigo Pérez as the new coach

After a few glorious years in Vallecas under the leadership of Iraola, everything has collapsed this season. Not only did the team fail to maintain the level of previous seasons, the danger of relegation was also real. Therefore Martín Presa has decided to intervene and appoint Iñigo Pérez as the new coach of Rayo Vallecano.

The former deputy of Andoni Iraola has returned to the Vallecas team with the aim of improving the team’s image and having no more problems until the end of the season. He is currently seven points clear of relegation and the dressing room seems to have responded well to his arrival. But Iñigo Pérez has a much more important mission than staying at Rayo Vallecano.

Inigo Perez Rayo
Iñigo Pérez has returned with a mission as relevant as consistency

Rayo Vallecano wants Iñigo Pérez to avoid complete catastrophe

In the last weeks that Francisco led the team, Heavyweights like Álvaro García and Isi Palazón seemed dissatisfied. The reality is that after years of being a real bunch, the situation in the locker room wasn’t entirely pleasant. A union that has played a crucial role in retaining its great personalities.

If Martín Presa had chosen to keep Francisco in his position this season, Players like Álvaro García himself seemed a foot and a half away from the team. Not because of his level, but because there would be no shortage of offers for him and the player was ready to set out to find happiness again. A happiness that has returned with Iñigo Pérez.

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The players who could leave next summer

In addition to Isi Palazón and Álvaro García, who are among the team’s great references, there are other big names who could leave Rayo Vallecano this summer. One of them is Raúl de Tomás, whom Iñigo Pérez will win back to give Vallecas joy. A player who was apparently half a foot outside of the team until the new coach arrived.

Likewise cases like those of Stole Dimitrievski. Óscar Trejo and Unai López, three important players on and off the field who are ending their contracts. So far, Rayo Vallecano has failed to renew itself, but with the arrival of Iñigo Pérez everything could change. Be that as it may, we will have to continue to wait and see how the season ends and how the locker room ends.

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