Between the last free practices and the F1 classification, the pilots of the WSeries They were in charge of showing what a race in the Miami International Autodrome can be like. crashed. And it was seen as soon as it began. Because Nerea Martí’s illusion of starting on pole vanished as the traffic light went out. She was stuck while the entire grid passed her, except for Powell and Belén García, who suffered the same fate. A Spanish woman was lost on the podium, but another was won, Marta García, second in Chadwick’s victory.

Well the luck of Powell it was worse, because a few corners later crashed into one of the walls and before the end of the first round the safety car I was already on the track. And that on this circuit means a considerable loss of time until the crane can remove the car. So much was being, that they had to pull the red flag 18 minutes from the end of the race to avoid running out of time. Action resumed behind the safety car, with Chadwick leading and Marta fourth.

The woman from Alicante quickly got rid of her partner, Wohlwend, to see the duel between the two-time champion and Kimilainen up close. The Finn passed her just before another accident caused by Wohlwend that, unleashed, took Eaton ahead. The security went out again, but left to leave one last lap of madness, in which Kimilainen lost the lead to Chadwick and everything else after a touch with Marta, second at the finish line ahead of Hawkins to celebrate her fourth W Series podium finish. Nerea and Belén finished eighth and ninth.

Miami Race 1 Results


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