Last Thursday Celso Marranzini rejected that there are many layoffs at the Punta Catalina Thermoelectric Power Plant and that for that reason there are failures in Unit 1.

He confirmed that there was very little disengagement and that General Electric and Tecnomont are providing assistance to remove Unit 1 before the end of this month.

Jaime Aristy Escuder referred to the subject in an approach in Listin Diario and Marranzini replied that Jaime should forget about Punta Catalina, that he earned 1 million pesos and whoever managed it was the consortium, not him.

That he will listen to his advice, he said, but remember that he (Celso) is handling Catalina and there has been a Tecnimont technician here for several weeks and General Electric is supervising it online 24 hours from Atlanta.
He said that he knows which are those two technicians that he, Escuder, mentions that they were dismissed, but it was not in his management and there are others as good as those.

He says to remember him. Escuder supported a virtual tender that Andy Dauhajre invented, which he believes is the most despicable thing he knows. He assures that PC 1 was stopped to do “what they did not do”, and due to mishandling the filters were damaged and that is why it was necessary to stop it outside of the June schedule.

He also reminded him that the CTPC should have cost US$1.945 million and ended up costing US$2.453 million.

don’t need advice
The president of the Technical Committee of the Trust of the Punta Catalina Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTPC) indicated that he read the article by Jaime Aristy with the recommendations for Tecnimont to be hired and he did so several weeks ago and therefore does not need his recommendations. .

He argued that due to poor handling, the filters and baskets were damaged, and the plant had to be stopped, “which is the part that Jaime Aristy, in his very interesting article, does not highlight.” He stressed that the plant was stopped, “because of what they did not do.”

The former administrator of Punta Catlina, Jaime Aristry Escuder, wrote the article “My recommendation to deal with blackouts.”

Bad driving
Marranzini said that there was mishandling, they burned the coal badly and damaged the filters and they had to be changed.


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