Márquez: “We have been stuck at Honda for a few years”

There was so much to talk to Marc Márquez still from the hangover from the weekend in Italy that I hardly had time to ask him about his expectations for this weekend in Germany, where he has won 11 times, always since he has raced since 2010 (once in 125cc, twice in Moto2 and eight in MotoGP). An important point to discuss was his recent meeting with HRC President Koji Watanabe and Honda Vice President Shinji Aoyama. The Repsol Honda man appreciates his interest, but asks for improvements soon.

-What did the Honda bosses say to you after the meeting you had with them and your disappointment with the bike at the last GP? Rarely or never had he been seen this frustrated and angry…

-We had an important meeting, not for the present, but for the immediate future. Now to work for next year. I think the meeting was productive and I am grateful that a big boss from Honda and HRC propose the meeting, sit down with me and are interested in how to improve the project. The meeting went very well and the only thing missing is practice.

-Honda is preparing a motorcycle for next year, but what about this year?

-No. This year is what there is and that’s it. We are trying to improve, but next year is not created from one day to the next. It is created from this year and they know that I am willing to try things during a weekend, although with this new format it is not ideal. But above all it is good that the president and vice president know first-hand what is happening, come to the circuit and see what is happening. Because sometimes you don’t know what comes to them. So for my part, delighted to have told you first-hand my feelings.

-And do they sing the mea culpa and apologize?

They have not apologized to me and I do not expect them either, because nobody wants to do a bad project. Sometimes it will turn out better and other times worse, but it is true that we have been stagnant for a few years, that drivers pass to the other side of the box and it does not finish working, and that is where they are aware that there is a problem and hopefully we will find the solution. solution as soon as possible.

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-In recent years Honda focused a lot on F1 with Red Bull. Do you get the feeling that they are betting more on F1 than on MotoGP lately?

-I have never felt that they have not opted for motorcycles. In fact, the commitment of the brand is the same since I joined ten years ago. I see them overturned bringing little things that sometimes work and other times don’t. I don’t see that they don’t show interest, otherwise the vice president of Honda Motor won’t come, and the president of HRC is always behind everything. You have to be aware that the Japanese philosophy is very different, but since last year the car and motorcycle departments have joined forces and hopefully that can help us in the project.

-Despite the fact that everyone says that you are the strongest rider, Gigi Dall’Igna and Stefan Pierer don’t want you on their brand because if you win, you would win, but if you lose you would lose the bike. Is it a disadvantage to be the strongest pilot?

-The strongest driver is the one who wins and now I’m not winning. I still feel fast, competitive, but I am 100% committed to the current project and looking to the future I will try to find the best sports project, which will be a winning project, and hopefully it will be with Honda.

-Are you the favorite at the Sachsenring?

-No favourite, because we didn’t arrive at the best moment, but it is a circuit that brings back good memories and I will try to fight to be on the podium. That is the goal.

-Would a good result here be a lifeline or rather a moral issue?

It will be more of a moral question. It would be good news for the team, for the entire project, but the situation does not change from one day to the next.

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