Home Sports Márquez: “The plan was to lead the race from the first lap”

Márquez: “The plan was to lead the race from the first lap”

Márquez: “The plan was to lead the race from the first lap”

Second win of the season for Marc Márquez in the year of his reappearance after the complicated injury he suffered in 2020 to his right arm. It is also the seventh time the GP of Las Americas has won.

-How was it?

-It has been a great Sunday. From the warm up we had a good feeling. Plan A was to lead the race from the first lap and it has been like that. The start was perfect, I pushed hard on the braking in the first corner and tried to control the race in the first three or four laps, to then push hard at 2:04 highs and 2: 05.0. I have passed 2:04 highs and there I created the distance. I felt very good on those laps, but for the last I didn’t know what the physical condition would be like, but I think everyone has had a lot of difficulties in these races. The distance with Fabio was enough to manage it.

-Has it been a race without errors?

-Yes, there were errors. With three laps to go, at Turn 6 I lost my front end and almost fell, but I was very focused. I have been pushing hard for three or four laps, but when I saw that the distance had increased I was able to ride at 2:04 high pace because I had the margin that allowed me to be a little faster. I was driving very well and that was my intention. It was the first race I came to with the intention of fighting for victory and I already said that at the press conference on Thursday. The weekend has been good.

-Do you feel pressure in Austin with so much victory here?

-Of course you feel the pressure, but for me this season is strange and hard. Sometimes I fall without understanding why, or I go fast without understanding why, or I go slow without understanding why. But it seems that step by step these races I am able to drive better and manage everything better. Even so, I am still far away. I need to keep working and pushing, because we don’t have those special sensations with the bike yet.

-Again the left circuits win against the right ones for you …

-Left circuits have always been one of my strengths, but now with the injury the difference between my sensations in the left-hand corners and the right-hand corner still increases. It’s easy to explain: when I go left, I can turn properly and push with my arm, but in right-hand corners I can’t do the same. When I try to push with the right handlebar I can’t. Riding like this is difficult, that’s why I crash many times, my front end closes and I can’t make the saves with my elbow, but we are working in this direction. There are three races left and Misano will be difficult, because everyone will be fast there, but the last two races will be interesting for me, to know how I am going to the right, especially at Portimao.

-The call in the closed park?

-The call went to Alberto Puig. He is a very important person in the team, our Team Manager and he was unable to come. We have been in contact by phone. He is a very important person because we are working hard and he pushes the technicians, the drivers and taking care of all aspects to be stronger.

-He beat up his rivals here …

-The sensations were good and I was able to drive the same as in practice. If Fabio tries to push, I already know where I can take the most risks, and riding this way I felt comfortable. Also in turn 4, yesterday watching the videos I saw that Pecco had a good line and I copied the line. This helped me, I wondered ‘What does he do?’, Because he shortened the piano and the times were more or less similar. It has helped me a lot.

– At what point are you physically?

-I do not know exactly, but in some movements I am far from full physical condition with respect to the left arm. But it is true that now I am better able to hold my position at the braking point, although between braking and the corner entry point I still don’t feel comfortable and I can’t slide and turn, which was one of my strengths. Now I go into the curves like the rest. I’m still far away and I have some limitations, but I am capable of riding the bike. This weekend I already told my mechanics on Thursday not to ask me about my arm, that I was going to do everything I could. Yesterday I was not feeling well and I did not force, but I had the possibility because here I had speed, although in some circuits I have to force yes or yes, and even when pushing I am far from Pecco and Quartararo, because they are very strong.

-Did you remember the 2019 mistake?

-Yes, I had it in mind, and especially in the last four laps. It is a braking point where you always try to push yourself to the limit. Sometimes I would speed up the braking a little more and immediately 2019 came to mind, so I released the brakes a little, did not force and went a bit long. But I had that error in mind, especially in turns 11 and 12 I was careful, I tried to be constant, because it is easy to lose the front end there.

-A lot of physical wear?

-A level of physical condition it was the same as in Misano. It’s true that this circuit is normally physically demanding, but on the right-hand circuits I finish the races even more exhausted. Today I was able to manage it well, my feelings were the same as on the right-hand circuits.

-How about the potholes?

-It is true that on Friday everyone was complaining a lot about the bumps, but then during the weekend you fine-tune with the settings, the set-up, you understand the lines and manage it with your body, and the bumps go away becoming acceptable.

-The key to the weekend?

-The key to the weekend was yesterday. I was not feeling very good. The speed was there, but I didn’t have the feeling with the bike and the track and I wasn’t pushing hard. If you don’t have the sensations and you push, you use too much strength and physique. Yesterday I only pushed in a few specific laps, and today in the warm up is where I felt better and I pushed more. The key point was yesterday, keep calm, save energy and today give everything.

– Is there pain in the arm?

-It has been the best weekend, but the pain will come on Tuesday. Yesterday I did not feel pain, the wet session on Friday helped me a lot and today I did not feel pain. It is as a consequence, if you continue each time you have more. In the curves to the right the pain starts sooner, but now I have two weeks to continue improving with the arm. The good thing is that step by step it seems that we are improving and this keeps me motivated.

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