Marquez recovers his DNA

It wasn’t going to be an easy weekend. but Phillip Island has once again brought out the best version of Marc Márquez. The incentives of Japan and Thailand already hinted that the recovery of the right arm was following a positive line and, after a much-needed rest week, the Honda rider knew he could aspire to more. He warned him on Saturday, when the word ‘podium’ became more real than ever. And boy was she. He started second and, although the madness was unleashed in a race with endless overtaking, the man from Cervera was able to stay in the leading group and climb to the second step of the podium. It became a reality and, after a year out of the box (the last one in Misano 2021), It was celebrated as a victory.

First time it was uploaded this season and round number to celebrate it. Márquez now has a hundred podiums in MotoGP and thus equals a legend like Ángel Nieto, with 139. Honda was back on top, but there was something much better. “The most important thing today was seeing Marc back at his true speed and able to show his true DNA. This means fighting for victory”, confessed the Repsol Honda team manager, Albert Puig, in his usual assessment of the grand prize. “From the point of view of the Repsol Honda Team and HRC we are very happy for him and, of course, for being in the front again. But the focus is on him because We know what he has suffered and we have nothing but respect and admiration for the effort he has made to be in these conditions again and perform at this level.”adds the former rider, after a “pleasant” race in which, he says, they were able to see “Marc’s spirit and possibilities on such a demanding track.”


Box Repsol

However, Honda’s shortcomings also came to light. “We just lacked a little speed,” admitted Puig, in accordance with a thought that Marquez had already expressed, because even the Suzuki ate the Honda on the straights. “We have to take clear note of what we saw. It is clear that we must react.” points to a critical bike that, it is proven, only Marc knows how to master. “For all these reasons, we will continue working towards the future to bring the best possible bike and return the title to Honda. This is our commitment and our obligation as a leading company in the field of racing”, adds Alberto.

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Malaysia, next stop

with a warm up wet, the choice of tires became difficult. Many bet on hard or medium, while Marc Márquez was the only one who came out with a soft rear. A risky decision, but with full confidence of his team. “Normally a special pilot knows what he has to do and Marc knew what he was doing when he decided. Before the race it wasn’t a far-fetched choice, but it probably didn’t seem like the right decision. From my point of view, it was not a surprise. The pilot knows which is the best tire and a special pilot knows it even better”, explains the team manager, who already points to Malaysia as “very demanding for the engine”, but with clear options: “When you have a driver like Marc you can never leave him out of the equation. It won’t be easy, but we’ll go there and see what happens. The most important thing is that he is improving his condition and Honda has to give him the tools to do what he is capable of doing.”

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