Márquez recounts his suffering: “I’ve been screwed”

It’s been over two years since Marc Márquez he began working to recover from an injury, which has changed him over time. “I came from a sports career in which He looked like a superhero.” recounted in Traveling with Chester, and “suddenly, from one day to the next, fracture, infection, operations…”. What could have been a common injury that would have barely taken him away from the circuits for a few grand prizes, ended up completely conditioning the career of a champion who went “from destroying and being in glory” to hell: “And it’s hard.” One’s bad luck accumulated, things did not turn out as intended and the man from ilerdense decided to “escape from the world, because the moment you pay attention to that (what people think), you sink I’ve been screwed.”

“Now I’m fine,” said Marc, but it has been a situation that is anything but easy for a eight-time champion for whom “six months ago, retirement was an important option.” Where is the main change that now leads you to feel good? “In which there is no pain.” That absence is the new starting point for a pilot for whom pain prevailed over his triumphs: “I used to cry when I won, I couldn’t smile.” But now winning will be a party again and also another step on a long road where he still has to overcome all that process that has kept him two seasons away from that overwhelming version: “I’ll get over it when I’m fighting for victories every weekend. I’m close, very close, but not yet.” “The motorcycle of now can win races, but not fight for the World Cup,” he highlighted, about a Honda on which Japan continues to work to structure it at the level of a champion. But not just any one.

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Márquez has been the undisputed leader of Honda in the last decade, even while away from the circuits and also after having spent “five winters on a stretcher”. In addition to the recent ones due to the injury at Jerez 2020, the ilerdense also remembers the previous problems he suffered in both shoulders (2018 and 2019), in addition to the “four” episodes of diplopia from which it fell for the last time in March 2022 and that it will always be a threat. Despite the interventions that were carried out on him and all the exercises that Marc carried out to overcome the eye injury, with a “blow to the head that can come back”. “It is an injury that is there”, but that has not diminished the character of a pilot who will continue to take risks at all: “Not seeing the risk can be a virtue or a defect”, that will always go with him.

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