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Márquez: “In water the possibilities open up much more”

Márquez: "In water the possibilities open up much more"

Marc Márquez He appears in Thailand, where he won in the two previous MotoGP visits, in 2018 and 2019, with a fourth place that tasted like glory in Japan. He says that he remains realistic, but the possibility of rain throughout the weekend in Buriram makes him move up among the favourites.

-It seems that they are going to have a very wet weekend in Thailand. Is that good or bad for you?

-Well, the objective would be to do it in the dry, because that way you keep doing kilometers, trying things and physically you keep improving more, because you push harder, but it is true that in water the possibilities open up much more, although this does not mean that in water have to go like Saturday in Japan. That we are going to try, it is clear, because the possibilities open up since in the water the sensation you have, the amount of water on the track and the ‘grip’ is very relative, but we will see, we will see how everything goes.

-The fan is very excited about you and nobody believes that going out to accumulate kilometers for the arm…

(Smile). Yes, it is obviously exciting. The team too and it’s good for me to get excited too, but I have to be realistic and in Japan everything came to fruition. When I got out and the bike was running fine, I didn’t touch anything. On Saturday it rained and there was no time to do any set-up. If you look at the times of Sunday in the race, they were the same as those of Friday, something that never happens, because it always improves. That helped me because the faster you go, the more physical the issue and the more the bike gets in crisis. Knowing how to manage it in the best way helped, but we have to be realistic and now there are three riders who are playing for the World Cup, who are always ahead and who were behind there, for whatever reason, but they were behind. That’s not our war but yes, fourth place was made, one way or another.

-Would you get married between races as Miller is going to do between this race and the one in Australia?

-Before thinking something like that I have to look for the woman. (Laughter).

-He has saved the organization of the wedding…

-Yes, well, there’s a ‘wedding planer’ and all that, but I wouldn’t do it. It depends, in winter or in summer, but I wouldn’t do it in the middle of the races.

-What do you think of the Canet affair and the rejection you felt for your tattoos?

-My opinion is clear and it is what I would advise Canet: If you win ten races in Moto2, don’t worry, no bow tie or tattoo or anything and the teams will love you yes or yes. When there is level… In the end, everything is respectable and the character of the person has to be highly valued, but this sport is like that and what is most valued are the results on the track.

During the official press conference this was what he said:

No pain in Japan: “It was a very positive weekend for me, for Honda and for everyone. It was important to have such a solid weekend. The most important thing is that I finished in good physical condition. I took great care of my conditions and worked well with the tire. We had a good race and put in kilometers on the bike. Since Jerez 2020 I was not able to attack in the last laps due to the pain because I was feeling a bit down. But in Motegi I could. I still lack strength, which is normal, but I finished well. In Japan, the weather helped us by not stressing the physical as much on Saturday. During the week, I took more time to recover. Monday I was fine. On Tuesday it was a bit more tense, but it won’t be a problem in Thailand.”

The memory of the eighth title in this circuit: “Thailand is a circuit that I like and I have very good memories because it was a special celebration. This year we did not arrive in the same situation. We will not reach the last corner to risk the race, or so I think. A lot has happened since then…”

Circuit less physical than Motegi: “The forecast is that the weather will be unstable all weekend and wet, so everything is open. Physically it is a less demanding circuit than Motegi and the weak points are less noticeable”.

Testing for the 2023 Honda: “All weekend in Japan I worked with the aluminum swingarm in the dry and with the carbon swingarm in the wet. It is not the best way, but it is to collect information. In the future we will have to test the carbon in different specifications. Here, I go to work for Honda. If we have time we will test a couple of things, but they are very important for the concept for next year. It is not the best to achieve a good result, but I am here to work for 2023.”

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