Home Sports Márquez: “I have decided to take risks and I accept the consequences”

Márquez: “I have decided to take risks and I accept the consequences”

Márquez: “I have decided to take risks and I accept the consequences”

Marc Márquez He started fourth in the Valencia MotoGP GP, with a crash in the morning and another in the afternoon, both without consequences.

-He had a fall in the morning and another in the afternoon. In what areas does the bike suffer?

– We suffered in braking. Already in Malaysia we lost a lot in braking, in being able to stop the bike and always going to the limit with the front wheel. Today, in the two heavy braking on this circuit, turn one and two, is where I crashed. If you fall at the point that is for something. That is where we are suffering. In Australia there are no strong braking points, there are four and ten, but they are not strong braking points, that’s why we were closer. Where we lose the most is in the hard braking points, which is one of my driving strengths, but I can’t exploit it even when I want to, because I think my head thinks I can go faster there and I crash. That’s where I have to watch.

-Do you see yourself winning on Sunday despite the crashes?

-Today I have decided to risk and I assume the consequences. I have assumed the two falls. Yes, in the first crash I wasn’t risking yet, I was with the change in aerodynamics and I haven’t finished understanding it. And in the second it was more of my mistake, but hey, we’ll see. The point is that I am a rider who reaches the limit easily and I arrive at a circuit that I like and I immediately put myself first. Then the others gradually come on and it all depends on what you have, if the bike works better or worse, if the tires adapt better or worse, if you keep the tires better or not. At the moment we are in the top five or even on the podium, in terms of pace, but I know that tomorrow the Ducati riders, above all, have one lap and today they are all ahead. They will start to go fast, Quartararo will also go fast and it will be more difficult.

“Did you think Pecco was a little nervous?”

-It is normal. You play a World Cup and you have everything very face to face, especially because the best way to help the Ducati is that there are many numbers for a Ducati to win on Sunday. I have already seen him many Fridays that he takes it easy and then arrives without problems. He finished ninth with Quartararo eighth and at the pace level he was fine, so I think that tomorrow he will be in the first or second row, and many Ducati in front so he has it all face

-What do you think of the appointment of Tomé Ezpeleta instead of Franco Uncini as the new security director of the championship?

-In the end, the one who commands puts the people he trusts. When you are in a company, the boss appoints people he trusts and he trusts Tomé, who I think has experience. It is clear that Uncini’s level was very high, but I think he can do very well and in the end it is the group that will be in charge of seeing the safety of the circuits and that he has a good relationship with the riders and, above all, in the Dorna task force. If they have good confidence, everything will work better.

-What do you think of the change of the mobile clinic?

-The mobile clinic is changed, but the service to the pilots is not stopped. It will be a different service with another company, other people, but it is a more romantic theme, in the sense that the clinic has been around for many years, but for me that mobile clinic was Dr. Costa. He is the one who started it, who founded it, it was his child, and when Dr. Costa leaves the mobile clinic it continues to be called the same, but it loses its essence. I think it’s a change for the better, but we’ll see, time will tell. It is clear that until now we riders have always felt protected and if Dorna has decided to make this change I think it will also be good. It is true that at the technology level it can be improved a lot. Costa came to pay for ambulances out of his pocket. I have not lived it, but Costa was passion, it was not business and he did not care. His business was elsewhere and that is what really set the Mobile Clinic apart. When this begins to be a business, and like all of us here, it is clear that this is a business, in this sense, when there is a business, one is worth it and others are worth it.

-Do you have the feeling that something could happen on Sunday?

-(Smile). It can happen, something can happen. Many things can happen, but many meetings have to happen for Quartararo to win. One is that he wins the race, and in FP2 the Ducati have already been seen. Quartararo has come out as he has to come out, with a lot of desire, but he has what he has. He is like me in FP1, but I have what I have. When the others gradually take over at the level of driving, you have what you have. Something very strange would have to happen and I’d be surprised if Bagnaia didn’t win, but anything can happen.

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