Márquez: “I didn’t expect to be on the front row or in the ‘top five’ of the sprint”

He looked tired Marc Márquez in his appearance before the media after the sprint of the French GP, in which he was fifth after a day in which he was second in Q2.

-How did you feel today?

-I’m tired. (Smiles). Today I got up with my body like the second day of the test in Malaysia, when you wake up with stiff necks and arms, although then you warm up and go out and get into action and well, but I would have calmly signed a day like this . I neither expected to be on the first starting line nor did I expect to be in the ‘top five’. For me to be in the top eight was already a very good position, but we have done fifth and honestly with the perfect race we could have been third, because I failed at the start. On the first lap I was stiff and on the second, too. I wasn’t completely loose and then in the first overtaking with Bagnaia I missed, I was too permissive and he gave it back to me. Then on the second opportunity I was already a little more aggressive and I was able to defend myself well. They are little things that logically, after suddenly resuming the competition, well they can happen and I have seen that the problems are more or less the same as in Portimao, especially in hand-to-hand battle. It is very difficult because, as you have seen, Bagnaia passes you on the straight and then you have to push in the corners, but for the moment we are like this. We have to try to improve with the team to improve two or three points.

-When you say permissive in the first overtaking to Bagnaia, is it prudent and why? Pecco has said that he has been too aggressive although he has qualified it later, does this mean that his rivals are waiting for him?

-Starting with the overtaking of Pecco, the first one, it is logical, since it was the first overtaking that I did after Portimao. There I made a mistake and I am human and also confidence because you lose it a bit, but then in the second I had already tested on the previous lap and I was able to overtake well. Regarding Pecco, I had not spoken to him and on television I have declared that it seems that it is the fashionable topic and that everyone joins in. Like when this is the fashion and everything is in fashion, but this is racing. Some overtake on the straight lines and others overtake in the curves, each one has their weapons, but then it is true that I have spoken with him and he told me that he was not angry with my overtaking, that for him it was a good overtaking, but he was angry because they will penalize him and not me. I think they were two completely different overtaking, this to begin with, but it is true that yesterday we were with the commissioners, which I appreciate that they came to the Safety Commission, to talk, because logically it is impossible for fifteen drivers to agree agreement. I gave my opinion and luckily I have been in MotoGP for many years and I have seen things of all colors and for me all I have seen this year have been race incidents except mine in Portimao. That has to be penalized because you mess it up and they penalize you, but all the rest have been incidents in the race that are circumstances that happen, that are not done intentionally and that will continue to happen. If you want to see the show that is in MotoGP, there is risk, there is no risk or you do not want risk, stay at home. It is that clear.

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-Was the meeting with the commissioners useful?

-Well, it helped.. Everyone spoke and when it was my turn I concluded that it is very good that they listen to the pilots, but there is always one who is in charge, not of the pilots but of those who make the rules, and that one who The boss has to know what direction he wants the championship to take and he has to decide. This, another address or the other; more permissive, less permissive, stricter or less strict, and that is where it is very good to listen to the opinion of the drivers, but we are drivers and there are other people who decide to make the rules and the championship as it should.

-The contribution of the chassis can be a way to solve the problems? Have you had two Kalex chassis and another Mir?

-Yeah. I had two because yesterday one arrived at the last minute and I thank the mechanics very much for their work, because they were working until one in the morning and I appreciate it. I have had two today, myself and Mir have also raced with the Kalex and yes, logically there are differences, because it is a different concept, although it is true that yesterday it was very similar with the two chassis, it was fast and quite good with the two chassis, the difference in time was small, but the sensations were very different and that’s when I decided to ride the Kalex to also understand what happens in a long race, what will happen in tomorrow’s race, but in Mugello I don’t rule out, for example , try both again. But you have already seen that Mir has also ridden the Kalex and has suffered more. The bike does not change, the bike remains the same concept.

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