Márquez: “Guevara has won the title like a champion”

When Marc Márquez headed down the pit lane on his way to the Phillip Island Parc Fermé, at the foot of the podium, after the MotoGP race, he made a previous stop at the Izan Guevara team’s box and the brand-new Moto3 world champion hugged the eight-time champion. It was his way of congratulating each other on the successes achieved on an unforgettable day for both of them.

On Thursday it was already clear in the official press conference with which the Australian GP started the good harmony between the Catalan and the Mallorcan and the Repsol Honda rider showed his growing admiration for the new star after his race: “Guevara has won the title as a champion. He is a kid who goes by instinct. I told you the other day that in Thailand it was not by instinct but by thinking rather than by instinct. I told him to keep going on instinct. When you have the speed and you are young, you are also not aware of what a world championship is and he has won the champion in Australia, on a difficult circuit. He deserves it. He is the one with the most talent right now in Moto3 and it will be seen in Moto2, where he will go fast. Last year he was covered by Acosta. He already had a lot of speed back then, but he lacked in hand-to-hand combat and this year he has won in that”.

It was the Repsol Honda man who quoted Acosta, whom Guevara succeeds to the Moto3 throne, and when he asked him to stay with one of the two, he did not know how to choose: “When there is a kid who goes up and you see that he goes, and it is Spanish, well, it makes you more. Both are good, although with different styles. Acosta has a more aggressive point and Guevara is finer, although not as much as Lorenzo. He will look more like his style in Moto2, but he is a rider who lets the bike run a lot. They are two different styles and in the end, they are both champions”.

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It is very exciting to see a sacred cow like Marc excited with the new values: “Of course I get excited when I see kids like that, but at the same time I don’t, because I know they’re going to make things difficult for me from now on. You see that they are kids who are going to go up to MotoGP. They are going to burn their stages and make their mistakes, like when Acosta came to Moto2, he crashed. When I got to Moto2, I crashed three times in a row. They will make their mistakes, but they will arrive safely”.

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