Márquez: “Everyone is waiting for him to come back, but there’s no need to be in a hurry”

The Spanish MotoGP rider Marc Márquez (Repsol Honda) believes that it has had to “experience the two sides of sport” and that currently “everyone waits for him to come back” win races and fight for the title after battling injuries for two years, something he sees as “a challenge” for which “you don’t have to be in a hurry”.

“I have had to experience both sides of the sport, that of the successes and that of the injuries and, therefore, the path of improvement. In the good years, the pressure existed and affects it, but I managed it well. Now, it is a different pressure because everyone expects him to come back, but there is no need to be in a hurry. Many things cannot be counted and you have to assume and manage it, you have to go little by little”, Márquez pointed out in an interview with the organizers of the María de Villota and Ciudad de la Raqueta Awards, which have distinguished him with the Sports Feat award.

The one from Cervera is clear that he has “marked the challenge of fighting for the World Cup again in the future” and that “This year was and continues to be the goal or the dream”, but without hiding that “you have to be realistic”. “We are improving and progressing,” he warned. “The important thing is motivation. Every day is a challenge and now the challenge is to overcome these two years of injuries, so it is to overcome these moments and return to compete for everything,” she added.

Asked about his career in the premier class, he acknowledged that when he arrived in 2013 he had “the privilege of learning from riders like Rossi, Lorenzo or Pedrosa”, while today “it’s the other way around”. “I see how young people rise and how they do new things. We veterans also learn from them”, confessed. Márquez believes that “time and the head will tell” if he is able to extend both his and Rossi’s careers. “A lot depends on the mind, but also on the situation at any given time, on injuries, on having a good medical team around you or on motivation, there are many factors,” he clarified.

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“It goes faster and faster”

The Repsol Honda rider knows that his sport “has changed a lot in certain aspects, such as technology, circuit safety and in the world of communication” and that on a sporting level “Every time it goes faster and every time it gets tighter”, although he celebrates that in this case “security has also improved a lot”. “This is not a sport for two, it is for three: the bike, the team and the rider. What is clear to me is that, luckily, the fundamental difference is still made by the rider, but it is clear that, if the bike does not accompanies you, you can fight at a certain moment for a race, but not for a World Cup,” said the eight-time world champion, who admits that of his titles “the most special was 2019, which was very good in everything and coincided also with my brother’s victory in Moto3”.

Finally, about obtaining the María de Villota Award in the Sports Feat Category, stressed that all the awards have “a special meaning”, but that some like this “touch you and make you more excited”. “It goes far beyond sport, it enters fully into the values ​​that sport transmits to people. It is also very special because of what María meant for the world of sport in general and for motorsport in particular,” he said.

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