Márquez “did not understand” how Fabrizio could talk about him like that

Was more serious than usual Marc Márquez at the start of the press conference for the GP of the Americas, which takes place this weekend in Austin. He knew he was going to be asked about the disgusting statements made about him by Michele Fabrizio, after the death of Dean Berta Viñales last Saturday in Jerez, like blaming him, for his riding style, from so many fallen pilot in recent times in motorcycling. He had the answer ready and was not primed with the Italian, the same one who later wanted to qualify his initial message, saying that He didn’t want to attack him, but he did.

This was answered by Marc when AS asked him at the official press conference on Fabrizio’s statements: “First of all is to give my full support, especially to Maverick, because it was his family. It’s been a tough season for motorcycling and when I read or heard this person’s comment (makes a quotation mark with his hands when he calls Fabrizio ‘person’) I did not understand how a pilot could say that in these difficult and sad circumstances. I don’t want to waste time on these comments. When I read it, I said to myself that I agree, but that the best thing is to analyze well what is happening, for the future, to improve. Of course the risk is always there in the world of motorcycling, but we must understand how to reduce it. “

The question was extended to Fabio Quartararo and Francesco Bagania, especially the Spanish finding solidarity in the French’s response: “I didn’t know what had happened, ‘Pecco’ told me about it while Marc was answering. Everyone looks at Marc because he has been the best in the last ten years. “The Ducati team, for its part, limited itself to saying that “in these types of moments, you have to maintain respect and it is better not to say anything.”

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