Cricket South Africa (CSA) today gave former wicketkeeper and current manager Mark Boucher a clean slate in a racism case, days after former captain Graeme Smith was cleared of racism charges.

Cricket South Africa said in its statement that many allegations including racism against him have been dropped. The CSA board had received a report in December 2021 from Dumisa Ntsebeja, Independent Social Justice and Nation-Building (SJN), which made several accusations against Boucher. After this, he ordered an investigation into the whole matter.

The CSA initiated proceedings in accordance with the recommendations of the SJN report, which gave Boucher the opportunity to respond to the allegations. “The CSA Board has now decided to formally drop all disciplinary charges against Boucher, including those that arose from the investigation following the NKV’s resignation,” he said.

He added: “Paul Adams (former South Africa left arm player) recently withdrew from testifying against Boucher during a disciplinary hearing. In doing so, Adams said his statement was made during the SJN process. The concerns were about the team.”

The CSA ultimately concluded that none of the three charges against Boucher were true. A recent decision by Hamilton Menetze and Michael Bishop in the Graeme Smith arbitration indicated that the charges against Boucher would also be dismissed.


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