Marisol Carratú leads Guardés to the final

Mecalia Atlético Guardés will be the Spanish representative in the European Cup final, in which they will face turkish antalya or to Iuventa in Slovakafter defeating again the Attic Go Elche (22-18) in an even match, with a short score and that was resolved in the last five minutes.

He started commanding the Galician team, but his rival he overcame thanks to his defensive work despite missing two seven meters. The equality was maximum, and the defenses prevailed over the attacks. The marker barely moved, but an Atlético Guardés arreón allowed him to acquire a two-goal income who, finally, stayed in one at halftime after a goal on Van Zijl’s horn.

At the start of the second act, Elche squeezed. He printed one more march to his game, but collided against the 6-0 defense of Atlético Guardés, who relied on the Argentine international Marisol Carratu and in electricity of Pauli Fernandez to hit your opponent.

Elche tried to cut back by attacking with seven, but in one of these actions, Fanny Descalzo stole a ball and scored from area to area, taking advantage of the empty goal. The locals, who had already won the first leg by one goal, took a three-goal lead that forced their rival to risk even more but without success. El Guardés will play their first continental final.

Data sheet:

22 – Mecalia Atlético Guardés (11+11): Marisol Carratu (p.); África Sempere, Sandra Santiago (3), Nazaret Calzado (2), Giselle Menéndez, Carolina Silva, Pauli Fernández (6), Míriam Sempere (p.), Cris Cifuentes (4), Celia López, Elena Amores (2), Carla Gomez, Maria Sancha (2), and Daniela Moreno (2).

18 – AtticGo Elche (10+8): Nicole Morales (p.); Zhukova, Van Zijl (4), Oppedal, Celia Guilabert (1), Patri Méndez, Nuria Andreu, Pamela Rodrigues (p.), Clara Gascó, María Flores, Zaira Benítez (2), Elena Martínez, Pipy Wolfs, Paola Bernabé ( 5), Alexandra do Nascimento (6) and Raquel Moré.

Scoreboard every five minutes: 2-1, 4-2, 5-4, 6-5, 8-8, 11-10 (rest); 13-12, 15-13, 15-14, 17-15, 19-16, 22-18.

Referees: Gianna Stella Merisi and Andrea Pepe (Italy). They excluded with two minutes the locals Carla Gómez (2), Estefanía Descalzo, Cris Cifuentes and Äfrica Sempere and the visitors María Flores (2), Zhukova, Patricia Méndez, Pipy Wolfs and Do Nascimento.

Incidents: Second leg of the European Cup semifinals, played at the Pabellón de A Sangriña.

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