Mario López returns to Gernika

Mario López returns to the Lointek Gernika Bizkaia bench. Actually he never left, because his figure has been very present in everything that has been happening this course. He has attended the home games and has been very present on a day-to-day basis. But now he is officially back to take the reins. He left the entity, almost fictitiously, a year ago, after forming the squad, citing health problems and resumes a stage that he left behind after eleven successful campaigns, in which Gernika grew from her hand from the First National to the Women’s League.

The club has made official something that was an open secret in Bizkaia: that Anna Montañana, who this season has been in charge of the Gernikarra team, will not continue next season in the maroon ranks. Anna arrived at the club from the provincial town at the end of the 2021-22 season as an assistant and took over the reins of the team last summer, replacing Mario López himself. With the legendary former player, the previous EuroCup was overcome and progress was made in said competition until the first round of playoffs. In addition, the cup classification was reached, giving a good image when addressing Avenida in the semifinals. The playoffs were also certified ahead of time and in the tie played against Zaragoza the pass to the semifinals was cherished until the last moment.

For the president of the Gernika KESB, Gerardo Candina, the work of Anna Montañana has been “impeccable and all the objectives set for this course have been achieved. We are very happy with the management of the group and the results obtained”. The club wanted to thank Montañana for his professionalism and dedication, in addition to wishing him the best of luck in his career on the bench. Now it’s up to Mario to put together a new project. A large part of the squad and coaching staff will pack their bags. Mario has already spoken with some players and there are people with a valid contract who are leaving the ship.

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