Home World Marine Le Pen: “We will make Macron a minority president”

Marine Le Pen: “We will make Macron a minority president”

Marine Le Pen: "Haremos de Macron un presidente minoritario"

In the best results in the history of the French extreme right in a legislative, the leader of the National Group (RN), Marine LePenassured that his first objective as the third political force in the Assembly will be to make Emmanuel Macron a "minority president".

From her fief in Henin-Beaumin (north), where she was re-elected deputy, an exultant Le Pen made a short statement to celebrate before dozens of militants unprecedented results for the extreme right, with almost 90 seats, 15% of the total seats in the National Assembly (577), compared to 8% it had before.

"And that we have an electoral system that is unfair and inadequate to the reality of the country"said Le Pen, who lost in the second round of the presidential election to Emmanuel Macron two months ago.

In addition to the historic result of the REN, Emmanuel Macron’s Ensemble (Together) alliance would have lost its absolute majority, according to vote projections.

"This has been the best result of our political family (…). We will make Emmanuel Macron a minority president"added the leader of the National Association.

Le Pen repeated that his fight will be both against "the upper classes" who support Macron as against those who "they try to undermine France from below in an anti-republican way"referring to the left-wing Nupes coalition, the main opposition force led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

The leader recalled that her priority will be the fight against immigration, security, unemployment and "forgotten france".

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