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Marilyn Rodríguez is appointed as interim general manager of the CNSS

Marilyn Rodríguez es designada como gerente general interina del CNSS

The National Social Security Council (CNSS) appointed Marilyn Rodríguez as interim general manager during an extraordinary session held this Thursday at the headquarters of the governing body of the system.

Through resolution number 536-01, the entity made the appointment after knowing the resignation of the general manager of the CNSS, Félix Aracena Vargas, who was in office since September 18, 2020 when he was appointed by decree 477-20.

Listín Diario announced this week of an internal confrontation between the general manager and the president of the CNSS and Minister of Labor, Luis Miguel Decamps, for an alleged misinterpretation of the Social Security Law in the scope of its responsibilities.

This conflict kept the Dominican Social Security System (SDSS) and therefore its affiliates in a kind of limbo for five months because its governing body, the National Social Security Council (CNSS), did not issue resolutions or adopt operational decisions.

The meeting was headed by the Minister of Labor and President of the CNSS, Luis Miguel De Camps García, who called the plenary session of the Council to hear Aracena Vargas’ decision.

The appointment of Rodríguez, as interim general manager of the CNSS, was approved unanimously by the sectors that make up the Council, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph II of article 58 of the Internal Regulations of the CNSS.

At the end of the meeting it was announced that the Council will be convened again in the coming days to address various issues that are pending, as well as to learn about the processes that will be exhausted by the new administration.

Marilyn Rodríguez Castillo, is a lawyer graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), with a master’s degree in Corporate Business Law from the same university. She was appointed deputy general manager of the CNSS, through decree 477-20 of September 18, 2020.

According to article 26 of Law 87-01 that creates the SDSS, the General Management is responsible for the execution of the agreements and resolutions of the CNSS.

The CNSS is in charge of directing and conducting the Dominican Social Security System (SDSS) and as such, is responsible for establishing policies and regulating the operation of the system and its institutions.

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