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Marijuana at the US Open tennis

Successful day for Spanish tennis at the US Open, apart from the anecdote about the strong smell of “grass” on the court

Exciting day for the Spaniards in the US Openon a day that will go down in history due to the strong smell of marijuana on one of the routes. Rebeka Masarova, Sara Sorribes, Alejandro Davidovich And Roberto Carballes By overcoming their first hurdles, they made a striking impression in the tournament.

Particularly notable was the triumph of Masarova, who managed to beat the eighth seed. Maria Sakkariwith a mark 6-4 And 6-4. The Spaniard’s surprising performance at the start of the tournament wasn’t the only topic of conversation, as an unusual detail did not go unnoticed by the players and the audience in attendance.

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Marijuana conquers the US Open

Strong marijuana aroma on one of the US Open courts

During the exciting game that lasted all the time an hour and 28 minutes In the game, a special moment caught everyone’s attention. In one of the breaks Maria Sakkari turned to the referee and shared a startling observation: the smell of marijuana on the field. In his own words, “The smell, oh my… I think it was weed and the smell was coming from the park.”

This comment did not go unnoticed as the facilities at the Billie Jean King Tennis Center You are near queen, an area where marijuana use is common among young people. It’s important to emphasize that since the year 2021Recreational use of marijuana is legal for adults in the state new York.

Sakkari confirms that it is cannabis

In the press conference after his defeat, Sakkari clarified that it was an aroma cannabis. He also emphasized that said smell had no effect on his performance in the game: “It didn’t affect me in any way, it was just a comment, it has nothing to do with the result of the game.” This statement reflects the naturalness , with which the player approached the subject and separated it from her performance on the pitch.

The player who defeated Sakkari in the first round Rebekka Mazarova, also confirmed the presence of this fragrance on the track. He referenced an earlier episode in which he played against Svitolina on the same pitch during the 2021and while the scent was present, it had no negative impact on performance.

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