Home Sports Mariano García: “Due to genetics I would not be an elite athlete…”

Mariano García: “Due to genetics I would not be an elite athlete…”

Mariano García: "Due to genetics I would not be an elite athlete..."

There are few top-level athletes closer than Mariano García. The indoor world champion and outdoor European champion in 2022 delighted the dozens of people who came to a New Balance event prior to the celebration of the Valencia Marathon that will bring together 30,000 runners, 300 of them elite with the Ethiopians Letesenbet Gidey and Tamirat Tola as great favorites for the ‘Marathon of Marathons’ that reaches its 42nd edition with the firm intention that break different records.

The 24-year-old from Murcia, who will not be at the start, did announce his intention to face the 42,195 meters one day: “At the pace of the Spanish record I will not be able to, but in 7 or 8 years I will try to run some and lose 2 hours: twenty. And then yes, I see myself running marathons as a popular athlete. A marathon is a sacrifice that is not prepared from one day to the next”. At the moment he is focused on the 800… which is not going badly for him: “Hopefully 2023 brings results similar to those of this year in which winning more titles would have been impossible.”


Mariano García, European gold in Munich.

The one from Cuevas de Reyllo sent a message to all the popular athletes so that they have confidence: “You don’t have to worry if there are bad or regular training sessions along the way. If you have worked well when the day of the competition arrives you are ready”. And he did not forget the new generations, with a message with tremendous implicit values: “I started running when I was 8 years old, almost 9. I was going to train but almost like a game. My first medal in a National was with 17. Things are not achieved at the moment. I ran errands for three months so I could buy some shoes, usually the cheapest. That is what I would like to pass on to children. This is not a colorful world, you have to work, make an effort and fight”.

When asked by a fan what values ​​were key to achieving success like his, ‘La moto’ brought out his most authentic vein that makes anyone instantly empathize with him thanks to his closeness and authenticity: “Because of genetics, it cannot be that I am an elite athlete. You see my parents and you say… no” (she laughs). Athletics is an individual sport but without a good team around it is very difficult to achieve success. That’s why I don’t leave my town because I have what I need there.” García loves his town and reveals the day he did the most laps at the already famous place where he trains, a 300-meter triangular dirt track: “My record is 100 laps, 30 kilometers.”


Mariano Garcia.ANDREJ ISAKOVICGetty

Mariano also remembers that in 2022 everything went well, but that the previous year he had a bad moment: “The episode of appendicitis due to which I missed the Tokyo Games made me much stronger in the head.” In 2023 there are two very important international events and ‘La moto’ explains his objective: “We are going to take the indoor European Championship in Istanbul in a more relaxed way, although I will try to fight for the maximum, but the important objective for 2023 is the World Cup of Budapest in the open air in August. I’m going to win each championship and if I can’t, to be second. I always give everything I have.” Finally, a new gag by Mariano. When talking about a future confrontation in 1,500 with the African Norwegian, the almighty Jakob Ingebrigtsen, García concludes: “I want to eat Ingebrigtsen when I compete against him… that’s why I call him Jacobo when I come across him”.

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