Home Sports María Pérez and Álvaro Martín are two-time world walking champions in 2023

María Pérez and Álvaro Martín are two-time world walking champions in 2023

María Pérez and Álvaro Martín are two-time world walking champions in 2023

The sports news reported the success of the Spanish women’s team at the World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, but in athletics, it is worth mentioning the role of María Pérez and Álvaro Martín in achieving the world doubles, which represents the history of our sport

Budapest witnessed two historic feats of Spanish athletics. Maria Perez and Alvaro Martinwith outstanding performance and dedication, have been crowned world champions in the 35km walk, showing that Spain is a force to be reckoned with in this discipline.

María Pérez: An invincible queen

Born in Granada, Maria has proven to be an unstoppable force in Budapest. After winning the gold medal over 20 km, beamed again at a distance of 35 km. So much so that she even surpassed last year’s winner, Peruvian Kimberly García. His time of 2:38:40 not only earned him gold, but also set a new world championship record.

Despite the odds, such as a contracture that nearly put her out of competition, Maria proved her resilience and determination. Her dominance on the Plaza de los Héroes was obvious: she led from the start and with a change of pace at 19km she pulled away from the other competitors.

María Pérez and Álvaro Martín make history in Spanish athletics
María Pérez and Álvaro Martín have made a historic achievement for our sport

Álvaro Martín: double gold in Budapest

Álvaro Martín’s 35km triumph with an impressive time of 2:24:30, along with his 20km victory cements it one of the most prominent figures of Spanish athletics. Extremadura-born Álvaro had exceptional competition from the start, maintaining his position in the front flight and knowing when to pick up the pace to differentiate himself from his rivals.

This World Cup was of particular importance to him. Not just because he has won two gold medals, but because he will the first Spaniard to achieve such a feat in a single World Cup.

A bright future for Spain

The performance of these two athletes in Budapest reflects this quality and commitment of Spanish athletics. With their victories, both athletes not only made the name of Spain famous in the world of sport. They have also established themselves as role models for future generations of athletes.

But more importantly, his victories have a deeper meaning. they talk about Perseverance, determination and love for sport. María and Álvaro showed that with effort and dedication you can overcome adversity and reach the pinnacle of success.


The World Athletics Championships in Budapest will be remembered as the championship where Spain shone with a splendor all of their own. Maria Perez and Alvaro Martin Not only have they won medals for their country, they have earned the respect and admiration of fans and competitors around the world. His legacy will no doubt inspire many generations to come.

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