María Inés Baragatti, the math teacher who became an influencer

If passion could be measured, Maria Inês Baragatti would represent an infinite value. For more than four decades, this charismatic professor of mathematics left an indelible mark in the classrooms of the national universities of Quilmes and La Plata. However, its influence goes far beyond academic walls and transcends generations and borders thanks to its presence in the digital world. About to turn 75, She is the most famous youtuber teacher in the field of mathematics: her videos reach one and a half million views on YouTube and tik tok, although he claims not to know how social media is used.

Despite having retired almost a decade ago, her generosity leads her to continue teaching, completely free of charge, to millions of people in the virtual world, and to many others who come to her house: “Today I help everyone I can. I don’t have a sign that says ‘I teach’. If your child or grandchild has problems with math, I will try to help”, report to the UNQ Science News Agency.

In a world where mathematics often presents itself as an unfathomable enigma, Baragatti dispels this fear with perseverance and a key question: why? His philosophy is to question everything and justify every step in the teaching process. “It is not enough to memorize, it is necessary to understand the reason for each result”, he says.

life through numbers

This teacher’s teaching style is as unique as her personality: simple and powerful. In his classes, he uses clever analogies to illustrate abstract concepts.. And with that special gift for explaining complex concepts in a simple and engaging way, she is known around the world for making mathematics more accessible.

An iconic example is his description of a function as a “machine” capable of crunching numbers. Imagine a machine on the blackboard and give it specific commands, such as multiplying by two and adding five. Your students see how the “machine” works with different numbers, allowing them to understand the functional nature in a visual and fun way.

Since childhood, Baragatti was destined to immerse himself in the complex wonders of mathematics, forged by an innate talent and by exceptional educators who knew how to define his path. “I didn’t even have to study, maybe because I had teachers who knew how to define it and made it easier for me”to remember.

Even at home, math was a recurring subject in conversations, sharing knowledge while cutting a pizza in four or savoring an ice cream. With a sharp and agile mind, never had to resort to a calculatorwhich evidenced his innate mastery of numbers and operations.

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The beginning as a youtuber

A few years ago, fate led Baragatti to embark on a new stage in his teaching career. Despite being skeptical of Internet search engines, she was unexpectedly thrust into an exciting academic adventure when she received an email that would change her life forever.

The message was sent from Damián Pedraza, his former student, whose talent in the digital world came to life in “El Traductor de Ingeniería”, his successful educational channel on YouTube. The proposal was clear and ambitious: an invitation for María Inés to share her invaluable knowledge in the precise classrooms of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, where she left a deep mark with her teachings. Without thinking twice, María Inés was excited about the opportunity to convey her passion for learning and quickly accepted the challenge. Thus, the subject entitled “Fundamentals of Complex Numbers” was born, a choice that largely reflected her personal trajectory and the challenges she overcame in her tireless pursuit of knowledge.

The class was a magical experience that left students in awe and captivated by her passionate and clear way of explaining complex concepts. And the success did not go unnoticed: the following year he repeated the feat with a new group of “Fundamentals of Calculus”.

However, the best was yet to come. Damián, aware of the potential of his academic meetings, decided to immortalize the classes on his YouTube channel. The videos spread like wildfire on social media, causing a real stir among students. Today María Inés is the best-known youtuber teacher in the field of mathematics: her videos reach one and a half million views on YouTube.

But also, Baragatti became that iconic figure that marked the lives of many in scientific and engineering careers at the National University of La Plata and the National University of Quilmes. Many students, already professionals, gather in the Facebook group “I studied with Baragatti” to remember anecdotes and thank that teacher who indelibly marked their lives.

However, his passion, wisdom and commitment continue to light the way for many generations, making sure math is more than a subject.

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