María Becerra hopes to promote an expansion of her career with “Corazón Vacío”

The Argentine singer-songwriter María Becerra released this Friday “Corazón Vacío”, a song about abandonment with which she hopes, she told EFE, to promote an expansion of her career into new territories and audiences, and even to acting.

I am working hard to expand my global projection. That’s why I’m learning English. I recently made a song with an artist from the United States singing in English, which hasn’t come out yet,” Becerra said in Miami, where she celebrates being the second most listened-to Latina on the Spotify platform, behind only the Colombian Karol G.

He assured that he already has “songs with people from France, with people from Brazil” ready.

“I start to sing in any language. It always fascinates me from the side of respect, obviously, and I love any genre and I like to learn from cultures, nurture myself and get involved in it. I feel like that’s what makes my vision a global vision,” she said.

But his eyes also shine when he talks about acting. “It’s a dream. In my adolescence I did theater, I did plays in musical comedy. It is something that is in my future ”, she predicted.

“They have called me from some series, from some movies, but I have not yet accepted something because I want to be in something very cool (very good). It’s not out of selfishness or anything like that. It is because music is my priority and to stop it has to be something very worthwhile, ”she explained.

Since her break into urban pop music with the release of her first extended play album, “222”, in 2019, Becerra has proven to be an artist in constant evolution.


He currently has three albums to his name, including his recent release “La nena de Argentina” and a song in a Hollywood movie (“Te Cura”, which is part of the soundtrack of “Fast and Furious X”), as well as an army of more than 20 million followers on their social networks.

“I have been on the networks for a long time, I am gathering a lot of people who support me, who follow me, who love me. They are like family. I get messages saying ‘I feel like you were my sister, that you were my friend, I feel like I’ve known you for a long time.’ Messages from mothers that tell me ‘I’m sorry you were like my daughter’. And I say wow, what an honor!” she confessed.

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Born in the year 2000 in the city of Quilmes, in the southeast of Greater Buenos Aires, Becerra began uploading her videos to Facebook singing her favorite songs at the age of 12. In 2015, one of her monologues went viral, garnering a million views in less than a day, which convinced her to jump onto YouTube.

Becerra rules out that there is a secret to that closeness he has with the public. “I show myself normal, as I am. I’m not trying to pretend anything. Nor am I a person who likes to show off material things. I feel that my most important achievements go elsewhere. I don’t know if I have the most expensive clothes or not. I think people like that,” she explained.

With this policy of authenticity, she decided to tell in the video for “Corazón Vacío” the story of women “very close” to her family who became single mothers.

Her final goal is to become an artist “who does everything and everything well” like Shakira or Jennifer López.

“Jennifer Lopez fascinates me. She is a divine Latina queen who acts incredible, that she also passed them because the first time she acted as her they criticized her a lot. And she became strong and has an attitude, a talent, the stamina, the resistance that she still has at her age, the professionalism, everything. Let’s talk about how she sees herself. Incredible, really. An example to follow,” she stated.

Her plans also include motherhood. For her it is “something that is in the future”.

“I would love to have a little girl. It is not planned for now, but when it happens and in the way it happens, it will be welcome, “she concluded.

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