Margaret of Denmark unexpectedly abdicates and ushers in the era of Frederick

Margaret of Denmark has always been considered a strange queen. Chain smoker, archeology loverwith numerous artistic interests and he is able to shop at the supermarket or ride roller coasters like us mortals without losing an iota of his royal halo. The ruler has demonstrated her eccentric character and put the finishing touches to her rule in surprising ways. The Danish rulers 83 years olddecided to use his New Year’s message to announce his abdication, which will take effect next year. January 14th, just 52 years after he succeeded his father Frederick IX.

A news that shocked the Danes, since the ruler had always assured this She would be queen until the end of her days, like Queen Elizabeth II of England. Two women who, despite their differences, shared above all their commitment to the crown (including their family) and their love for tradition.

But the one who has been queen for fifty years appears to have staged a coup an attempt to preserve the institution. Although the Danish monarchy is doing well and is very popular, in recent weeks there have been rumors about the wedding of the firstborn Frederick and his wife Maria of Denmark, after some pictures came to light of the heir in Madrid accompanied by Genoveva Casanova, ex- Wife of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo and regular in gossip magazines. Although at no point could an image of the two in an affectionate pose that suggested a loving relationship be captured, evidence that the heir had spent a night at the Mexican woman’s home caused a mix of daze and surprise.


Speculation about possible infidelity by the first-born son and a hypothetical divorce has spread to the crown and threatens to damage Frederick of Denmark’s reputation as a possible successor to his mother. An editorial in the newspaper “Jyllands-Posten” warned of this. The heir was not allowed to make such mistakes in a world like the current one.where any misstep can be broadcast across social networks with a global reach.

However, the ruler’s announcement manages to put an end to all sorts of rumors and makes the succession to the throne undecided. Although it’s difficult for us to make all sorts of speculations about the Queen’s actions, she based her decision on the deterioration of her health following back surgery last February. “Time wears out. You can no longer take on the same tasks as in the past. The operation made me think about the future and whether it was time to hand over responsibility to the next generation. I have decided that now is the right time: I leave the throne to my son Friedrich“, assured the silent queen. During the state visit of King Felipe VI. and Queen Letizia last November, it was discovered that the Danish queen’s health had deteriorated, but nothing gave rise to this decision. After the death of Elizabeth II, Margaret was the longest-reigning queen of all European monarchies and the one who remained on the throne of her country the longest.

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Reduce the royal family

It is not the first time that the sovereign has taken the helm and missed locals and strangers. Last November 2022, in the year of the anniversary celebrations for her 50th anniversary of reign, the Queen announced her decision to die, also without anyone expecting itHe stripped the four descendants of his second son, Joachim of Denmark, of their royal titles who did not accept his mother’s judgment discreetly, but expressed his rejection publicly. The ruler justified her decision with the need to loosen up the structure of the royal family, adapt it to new times and give her grandchildren more freedom in shaping their future.

Despite this controversy, Margaret’s popularity remained high throughout her fifty-year reign and even the Republican Party praised her work. “Whether he is a monarchist or a republican, one has to say that he has fulfilled his task in the best possible way,” said the spokesman for the left-wing extremist unity list after the New Year’s speech.

It starts next January 14th The era of Frederick Who will succeed his mother? at 55 years old. In his youth, he was seen as a wayward heir who tried to rebel against his fate (he was arrested by the police while drunk), although his marriage to Australian lawyer Mary Donaldson ended after four years of courtship and their four children made him settle down. At least apparently, since other rumors of infidelity with women other than Genoveva Casanova have arisen in the past.

The new ruler is known for his views in favor of ecology and the modernization of the throne. It is expected that her proclamation will be much more sober than that of Charles III. of England, although after the greeting of the Danes from the balcony of Christianborg and after the signing of their abdication by the current ruler during the Council of State convened that day, a… parade through the streets of Copenhagen, accompanied by the new Queen Consort. Exactly the same as his mother 52 years ago.

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