Marcos Kwiek announces the members of the team for the League of Nations

The technical director of the women’s national volleyball team, Marcos Kwiek, announced on Tuesday that he will go to the League of Nations with 14 players, which he has already chosen and where experience and youth will be present in the first rounds of the League.

Speaking in a press release, Kwiek said that the 14 players who will make the team for the Nations League are the youngsters, Geraldine González, Angélica Hinojosa, Vielka Peralta, Madelinne Guillen, Gaila González, Janeris Rodríguez, Estefany Rabbit and Larismel Martínez. .+}

They will be joined by renowned athletes, Gina Mambrú, Yonkaira Peña, Niverka Marte, Camil Domínguez and the sisters Brayerlin and Jineiry Martínez.

“The selection project is in the process of being renewed, it is being prepared for all the tasks of this 2022”, said the technical director of the group, Marcos Kwiek.

He exclaimed that the squad will have young players who have World Cup experience and have been joining the veterans.

He indicated that the departure of Priscila Rivera and Annerys Valdez has left a void that will be filled, however, it will take time. “Both volleyball players had more than 20 years in the senior team, and that is not replaced from one day to the next and that people have to recognize,” she added.

The stellar volleyball players Gaila González and Madeline Guillén, who joined the team’s training, affirmed that the Creole team has a great responsibility to participate in the National League starting on the 31st.

“We have a group of veterans with young people who are looking for their space in women’s volleyball,” Marcos stressed.

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