Marcelo Gallardo: "Until the end of the championship we will try to win it"

Marcelo Gallardo: "Until the end of the championship we will try to win it"

River Plate coach Marcelo Gallardo valued the victory over San Lorenzo for the result itself more than by the ways in which he achieved it, since when he was left with ten men due to the expulsion of Herrera averaging the complement “there was no choice but to defend himself”.

“The victory was worth it because we got out of the losing streak. We had two important games with Boca and Banfield and we were left with nothing. We took an important step for trust and group unity. It serves to keep calm. Today we were present. Until Herrera’s expulsion we did well and the goal (Mammana at the end of the first stage) gave us peace of mind. Then we had no choice but to defend, “he accepted.

“It may be that there was a physical decline, because for example Nicolás De La Cruz was tired. In the first half we controlled the ball well in a closed defensive structure, but we lacked a bit in the last third. We lacked a better definition but we liked the first half we did against a team that doesn’t lose much”, he pointed out.

The coach insisted in the post-match press conference that they supported the result “but it was necessary. San Lorenzo had the drive of its people, with tall players, but we defended well. Victory is necessary for team spirit. We will push again because until the end of the championship we will try to win it”.

“We are looking for the dynamic that allows us to control the game in the pass and for that we need Santiago Simón. He gives us another alternative and I will not stop until I find players who give us a good performance. Afterwards, it is up to them whether they hold up or not. In an irregular year, everyone had their chance to play,” he assured.

“But here you have to collect victories to fight for the championship and you get there by winning. It is always necessary to win, but I am realistic. Today we had passages of good football on a pitch and against a very difficult rival”, pointed.

When the time came for some individual analysis, he highlighted that the author of the goal, “came to the club to relaunch his career. He had physical problems that did not give him continuity and his moments of work and adaptation. Today he feels more confident, better physically and is performing in a good way.”

“For his part, Essekiel Ship he needs to understand that he has to make better decisions. He is in process, he is a boy who went very young to football like the United States where he could not grow up. He wants him to grow up, but he always asks for it, because he has character. I saw many players that before the error do not touch it for a long time and I I want players with courage”, remarked.

“But if there is a championship won by us and that does not offer any cup as a reward, it is the respect and spirit of work between players, managers, and coaching staff. And also the fans, who always support. The final photo of the group celebrating the victory is always given. But maybe they felt they had to do that because of the previous two tough losses, but I’m not surprised.”


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