Marcelo Gallardo: "My decision was the right one"

Until not so long ago, the uncertainty in River was total. Marcelo Gallardo did not give details about his future, his surroundings were holding conversations with the Uruguayan Football Association that was looking for DT for his team, and in Núñez there was talk of plans B or C to occupy the position of coach. A month later, the outlook is practically unbeatable.

“Clearly it is difficult to make a decision to change. Change for change, wanting to go and try myself somewhere else because I need to prove myself somewhere else to please others … I choose to continue staying here because it seems to me that the challenge I have is too much to continue stimulating myself, I don’t know for how long, but as long as I feel that I will continue to be ”, the Doll reaffirmed in terms of its continuity -announced ten days ago- after obtaining the Champions Trophy after beating Colón de Santa Fe 4 to 0 in Santiago del Estero.

Gallardo, 45, closed the year with three coronations: the first in the Argentine Super Cup, the second in the Professional League and the last at the Madre de Cities stadium, to reach 15 titles as coach, equaling Carlos Bianchi’s mark. . Always referring to his continuity in Núñez, the DT admitted that it is difficult for him “to get out of something that generates too much sense of belonging.”

“I choose to keep trying, empowering players, forming competitive teams, generating an identity in the game, a sense of belonging. For all that I choose to continue being there and then because clearly there is a question to do with which I feel happy ”, explained the coach who arrived at the club in mid-2014.

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“When I make decisions I make them convinced, beyond analysis and trying to reflect, later they can go well or badly. It is my way of being, of living. Today I only reaffirm that my decision was the correct one because it is the one I made and felt it “he insisted.

At the press conference, Gallardo was also moved by the farewell of some players, especially a reference from his cycle like Ponzio: “It is a night of emotions regarding the end of the year and footballers who finish, who complete a cycle like Poroto (Germán Lux, who is retiring from football), Beto (Enrique Bologna, who returns to Banfield), who leaves us to have another chance to play and the symbol of Leo Ponzio, which was just that, a symbol in all this stage”.

The 39-year-old Santa Fe midfielder overcame two myths such as Angel Labruna and Ricardo Vaghi and, with 17 titles, became the most successful player in River’s history.

“It is a very strong emotion, it gave us a lot, it has been characterized by being a person who always put River ahead of everything, always with a huge spirit and is a reference for all the youngest, for the entire squad and the fan. de River “, praised the Doll.


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