Marcelo Gallardo and his records, at the height of Bianchi and Labruna

After several seasons of continental priorities and local sacrifices, Marcelo gallardo he scored a couple of national titles in less than a month with River and his record as a coach already includes 15 trophies, equaling the mark of none other than Carlos Bianchi, who until this Saturday stood alone as the second most winning Argentine coach in history.

Comparisons between “Napoleon” and the “Viceroy” were the order of the day since Gallardo began to make his own in the international arena (Sudamericana 2014; Libertadores 2015 and 2018; Recopa 2015, 2016 and 2019) But now the Merlense equaled it in number of titles and added arguments to the debate between fans of one and the other.

To the conquests of the “Doll” we must also add a Uruguayan championship with Nacional de Montevideo in 2014, the Suruga Bank 2015, the 2016, 2017 and 2019 Argentine Cups, the 2017 and 2019 Super Cups, the recent Professional League and the even more brand new Champions Trophy.

Between Bianchi’s 15, meanwhile, they include the Closing 1993, the Libertadores and Intercontinental in 1994, the Apertura 1995, the Clausura and Interamericana in 1996 (all with Velez), the Opening 1998, the Closing 1999, the Libertadores, Intercontinental and Apertura in 2000, the Libertadores 2001, and the Libertadores, Intercontinental and Apertura in 2003 (with Mouth).

Carlos Bianchi, intercontinental with Vélez and Boca. (NA)

Of course, despite tying in numbers, For now, the former striker’s showcases are brighter than those of the former midfielder., mainly because of international conquests (4 Libertadores against 2, and 3 Intercontinentals against no Club World Cup) and even for achieving them with two different clubs. Regarding the national trophies, the comparison already becomes more interpretive, due to the fact that Each one was a prisoner of his time and the ever-changing formats of Argentine football: on the one hand, Bianchi’s Apertura and Clausura tournaments were “short” while Gallardo had to play longer Superleagues and Leagues, while on the other, the “Viceroy” did not have the opportunity to play Argentina Cups or trophies for a single match such as the Super Cups or the Champions Trophy. Not to mention the Suruga Bank South American-Japanese …

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Anyway, the 15 trophies are a reality and the statistic of the most winners in history does not care how they were achieved. With his continuity assured for one more season at River, Gallardo will now have the opportunity to equalize, and even surpass the leader of the table, the mythical Helenio Herrera, who obtained 16 titles as DT between Inter Milan (Serie A 1962/63, 1964/65 and 1965/66; European Cup 1963/64 and 1964/65, Intercontinental 1964 and 1965), Atlético de Madrid (Liga 1949/50 and 1950/51, and Eva Duarte Cup 1950/51), Barcelona (Fairs Cup 1955/58, League 1958/59 and 1959/60, Spanish Cup 1958/59 and 1980/81) and Rome (Italian Cup 1968/69).

Helenio Herrera from Buenos Aires. (Inter Press)

But the Champions Trophy not only served Gallardo to measure records with outsiders. Inside doors, the Doll reached 22 titles in River as a player (8) and as a coach (14), remaining next to the emblematic Angel Amadeo Labruna, who added 16 as a forward and 6 from the strategists’ bench. In this table, it is also worth highlighting the rise of Leonardo Ponzio, who arrived in Santiago del Estero to the 17 millionaire celebrations and was third after surpassing the 16 of the aforementioned Angelito and those of the historical back of “La Maquina”, Ricardo Vaghi.

Angel Amadeo Labruna. (River Press)

And if Ponzio is already the most winning player in the history of Núñez’s club, it is not surprising that Gallardo has cut himself in that matter among millionaire coaches: his 14 conquests were well away from Ramón Díaz’s 9 and José María Minella’s 8 in his golden ’50s. In just seven and a half years, the Doll and his people rewrote the history of the club and, at least for now, they do not intend to stop doing so.


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