Marcelo Gallardo, an error that Barcelona cannot allow

The name of Marcelo gallardo has reappeared in the orbit of the FC Barcelona due to the poor start to the season of Ronald Koeman as coach of the first team. The Dutch coach has his days numbered on the Camp Nou bench due to poor results, poor team performance and his constant attack on everyone except himself in press conferences. The selection break seems to be the key moment for his departure to be confirmed.

The Barça team, led by Joan Laporta, is in search of a replacement to be able to confirm Koeman’s departure. The president does not want to make a “hot decision”, so he first wants to have his new coach closed to be able to start his project in the best way. And, among all the names that are on the list of options, one of the ones that stands out the most is that of the Doll.

A mistake they can’t afford

Marcelo gallardo it sounded at the time to reach the Barça team after the dismissal of Ernesto Valverde and it was confirmed that there were contacts with the club’s board of directors to know their disposition. But, beyond this information, it seems like a nonsensical bet for a club that is experiencing one of the most complicated stages in its history. A mistake they can’t make at Camp One.

The Argentine is the best coach in South America in the last decade and one of the best in the world at the same time. His work at River Plate is sensational, both in terms of international titles and for his ability to recycle with so many players he has lost since his return to the Monumental.

His coaching career is flawless because, beyond his way of playing and his results, he has managed to keep River Plate in the vanguard positions at all levels. Their numbers are impressive (184 wins, 89 draws and 74 losses in 386 games). Not many bad things can be said about him, but there is no doubt that it would be a serious mistake for Barcelona to hire him at this time.

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The Barça team needs a person who knows the club first-hand and who knows how to work throughout the structure. It is not only that it promotes a football consistent with the idea of ​​the club (which Marcelo Gallardo does not do), but that it promotes the young talents of the club to the first team and that it can offer them an ideal context so that they can grow in the best way , which Ronald Koeman is not doing right now.

Gallardo is a great coach, and a more than interesting option for the big clubs in Europe despite his lack of experience in the Old Continent, but it is an option that does not make sense with the needs of the club and with the idea that Joan Laporta wants to promote. , who is having a negative management on the subject of the coach and with the options that are presumed to be handled (Xavi Hernández, Roberto Martínez, Andrea Pirlo …).

Barcelona not only needs an elite coach -such as Marcelo Gallardo-, it needs someone who can calm the waters, withstand criticism, promote an idea of ​​the game that communes with the players it has and that can generate joy in the fans of the club, who would only feel comfortable with a historical or with someone who has been in the best times of the team. Hiring the Doll is a mistake that cannot be allowed at the Camp Nou, although there is no doubt that he would do a better job than Koeman.


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