Marcelo Bielsa is inspired by the words of Giannis Antetokounmpo when they talk about ‘failure’

Marcelo Bielsa was officially presented as the new coach of the Uruguay National Teamthe 67-year-old helmsman, returns to the bench after leaving the leeds united of the Premier League.

They threw a ‘spicy dart’ at the Argentine coach during the press conference, as he was questioned if he would consider it a failure not to win the 2024 Copa América with the Uruguayans.

He ‘Crazy’ Bielsa was inspired by the words of basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo who responded weeks ago on the same topic when the Milwaukee Bucks were eliminated by the Miami Heat.

Marcelo Bielsa’s response to the question about ‘failure’

Bielsa was calm and responded to the reporter:

“You saw that the word failure is like taking a pin and touching the one who can succeed and fail. A basketball player (Giannis Antetokounmpo) gave a brilliant answer and it’s hard to replicate, but he embraces his question and answers it in a way that I couldn’t do as well. I suggest that answer to evaluate what is failure and what is success”The Argentine coach was blunt.

The words of antetokounmpo They have been replicated and applauded by various figures in different sports, at the time the player pointed out:

“If the season is a flop? God… You already asked me that last year. Do you get promoted every year at your job? No, right? So your work is a failure, yes or no? No. You work for something, to take care of the family, give them a house, take care of your parents, whatever, it is a step towards success. I don’t want you to take it personally.”mentioned Giannis Antetokounmpo.

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Marcelo Bielsa take the baton of the combined charrúa after removal of Uruguay in the group stage at the Qatar World Cup 2022which was directed at that time by Diego Alonso.

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