Marc Márquez responds to Ducati and KTM: the new MotoGP scenario

BMW and Kawasaki could be the main candidates to welcome the talented Spanish driver

The future of the Spanish rider in the world of MotoGP has been the center of attention this season. With his contract with Repsol Honda still in force, the multiple crashes and the instability of the Japanese bike have fueled rumors of a possible team change. However, both KTM like Ducati, two of the most prominent brands in the competition, seem to have ruled out the idea of ​​signing the talented Marc Márquez.

A few months ago, authoritative voices emerged pointing to KTM as a potential destination for Márquez, especially because of Red Bull’s sponsorship in his career. However, Stefan Pierer, CEP of Pierer Mobility AG, denied the rumors of a possible signing, also commenting “Signing a Márquez is not our way. We train the riders ourselves, from Moto3 to Moto2.”

Marc Marquez KTM
The panorama becomes more and more intriguing for the Spanish pilot

Marc Márquez has ruled out KTM and Ducati as possible destinations

On the other hand, Ducati was also reluctant to the idea of ​​incorporating Marc Márquez into its official team. Gigi Dall’igna, director of Ducati, clarified that the only viable option would be to include him in his satellite team, since the pilots Enea Bastianini and Francesco Bagnaia closed the possibilities in the main team. Dall’igna stated: “I don’t think Márquez would accept going to an unofficial team. He is a star and stars want to be treated as such.”

Although the doors seem to be closing on KTM and Ducati, new alternatives are beginning to appear on the MotoGP horizon. Herve Poncharal, head of Tech3 and president of IRTA, mentioned that the future of MotoGP could bring the arrival of brands like BMW and Kawasaki to the competition, and in an unexpected twist, even the possible return of Suzuki. Currently, MotoGP has five factory teams and six satellite teams.

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new possibilities

In addition, Poncharal responded to this concern by clarifying that the intention of the championship is to assign these places to brands with an official presence. According to Poncharal, “The ideal scenario would be 24 bikes, six manufacturers and all with a satellite team.” However, warns that assigning the free places to satellite teams would close the opportunity to attract a factory, and the idea is to avoid uncertainty and maintain a solid championship. Likewise, building a MotoGP team implies a significant investment.

So the value of a satellite team goes beyond the bikes and focuses on the license and the starting point. Uncertainty persists regarding what the future of Márquez will be and if any of the aforementioned brands will launch to sign him. Since building and maintaining a MotoGP team requires a significant and long-term investment, brands need guarantees to commit to the championship.

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