Home Sports Marc Márquez receives confirmation from Honda to fight for the World Cup

Marc Márquez receives confirmation from Honda to fight for the World Cup

HRC Chairman Koji Watanabe reveals strategy to involve Honda F1 in team development

The crisis that has gripped the Japanese company in the MotoGP season has drawn the attention of motorcycle lovers around the world. However, the clouds of uncertainty are beginning to clear as the President of HRC, Koji Watanabe reveals the strategy Honda F1 is incorporating into developing the team and extending Marc’s contract Marquez.

One of the biggest uncertainties was the Spanish pilot’s future at Honda. However, Koji Watanabe has expressed confidence in the driver’s contract extension, which expires at the end of 2024. Watanabe has revealed he has had close discussions with Márquez and understands the importance of providing him with the right bike for his riding style.

Marc Marquez Honda
Koji Watanabe: “We will do everything to ensure that he stays and succeeds”

Koji Watanabe: “We will do everything to ensure that Marc Márquez stays at Honda and celebrates success”

Even in the face of adversity, Watanabe does not stop. Determined to keep Honda at the heart of two-wheeler competition, has brought Formula 1 knowledge and experience to the MotoGP team. Honda F1, responsible for Red Bull’s engines in Formula 1, will bring its technical skills and innovative perspective to increase the performance of MotoGP bikes.

Likewise, in an interview published by Honda, Watanabe shares his approach with conviction: “We have decided to come back to strength with a structure completely focused on HRC. The 4WD development team is involved in the development of MotoGP and strives to achieve tangible results as soon as possible.”

unwavering commitment

Even Watanabe has reiterated that Honda has no intention of retiring from MotoGP. Contrary to rumours, his commitment to the team and to Marc Márquez is unwavering. Renewing Marquez’s contract, which ends in 2024, is a priority for Watanabe, who has made it clear he is ready to do whatever is necessary to ensure Marquez stays and finds new triumphs.

“Every time I go to MotoGP I have long conversations with Marc. We have to give him the bike he wants and we will do that as soon as possible,” explains Watanabe. His conviction is palpable: “We have no choice but to build a winning bike if we want Márquez to stay.” Those words mark a turning point this season.

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