Marc Márquez makes his conditions clear to Ducati: trouble is served

The Spanish MotoGP rider who is currently at Honda puts the cards on the table to clarify what his requirements are in the event of a team change

Marc Márquez, the Honda pilot, is in the eye of the hurricane after his performance at Le Mans and Mugello. In the midst of criticism and tension, Marc Márquez has made his conditions clear to ducati, igniting a large-scale internal and external debate. At the center of the debate is a Márquez who, despite having a motorcycle that is behind Aprilia, KTM and mainly Ducati, fights tirelessly against all odds.

His tenacity, often pushing him to the limit, has caused falls and criticism from other teams, as is the case of Davide Tardozzi, manager of the Italian team. Likewise, Tardozzi has not hesitated to express his disagreement with some of Marc’s actions, such as the slipstream in the classifications and his driving style on the limit. According to Tardozzi, a champion of the stature of marquez He should be more humble and accept his current level, referring to Honda’s real possibilities.

Marc Márquez imposes new conditions on Ducati

MotoGP legends in defense of Márquez

His criticism did not stop there, Tardozzi went even further, arguing that “there are things that are not done and that champions should not do.” But Criticism of Márquez has not gone unanswered. Three Moto GP legends, Crivillé, Doohan and Agostini, have sided with the Honda rider. Crivillé insisted that Márquez’s level is above Honda, while Doohan considers him a better driver than Bagnaia and Quartararo.

Augustine, for his part, criticized the absolute dominance of Ducati simply for having better motorcycles, arguing that the best rider does not always win, but the one with the best motorcycle. In this way, Ducati has been showing its strength, as well as its speed with the good results achieved since the beginning of the season, leaving everyone speechless.

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Márquez’s current level of competitiveness

As the debate continues with the pilot, Márquez is not so easily intimidated. After the negative feelings that Mugello left him, the Spanish rider has promised to give his best in Germany, where he will compete “with the knife”. This comment reveals the level of competitiveness and determination of Márquez, regardless of the circumstances.

The German GP promises to be exciting as a result of the recent declarations of Márquez and Tardozzi. Fans are eager to see how the competition pans out, especially after the promise of marquez to give everything on the track. The debate about the importance of the team and the bike versus the individual talent of the rider will probably continue, but what is certain is that Márquez has no intention of taking a backseat.

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