Marc Márquez ALL IN: when it premieres, trailer and where to see the documentary on TV

A story of overcoming. Confessions, tears, fears, anger, great revelations… and a lot of effort. All this hides the new documentary that arrives this coming February 20 to Amazon Prime Video in more than 200 countries. In the absence of the second season of ‘MotoGP Unlimited’, which premiered last 2021 on the same platform, now the turn is for Marc Márquez. The MotoGP rider will finally have his own ‘docuseries’, being the great protagonist of five chapters that will narrate his way back to the top. And it is that, after two years without being able to compete at his highest level, the man from Cervera does not change his goal: he wants to enjoy riding the bike again, fight for the World Championship and be the best rider in history.

However, the road was not easy and complications have not stopped appearing as he thought he could move towards his best physical condition. The recovery of his arm stalled and, then, he had to make a decision: a fourth step through the operating room. The last chance to be the same again. All or nothing. He opted for it because, he admits, “Happiness has always generated me win” and that was far from happening. He got back on his Honda and, although there was still a lot to do, he knew immediately that the decision had been the right one and, now, all that remains is to wait for the start of a new course after one of the winters in which he has worked the most and best. Márquez says he is ready and the only thing left is for his brand to give him, once and for all, a motorcycle at his height.

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The story, which serves as the series’ predecessor MotoGP Unlimited, will narrate the entire recovery process of Marc, from the double vision problem to his new operation, projecting all the setbacks that Honda has had to suffer in a season to be forgotten, and even his transfer to Madrid to continue recovering in the hands of the best doctors. But all without forgetting what his sports career has been up to now, with comments from pilots and ex-pilots, friends and narrating the great rivalry with Rossi. “I want to go back up, with you, but if it’s not with you, I’m going to find my life”, The Spanish commented emphatically in the trailer for the ‘docuseries’, which can only be seen through Amazon Prime Video. Sweat, sacrifice and tears. At any cost with the sole objective of being the best again. “Is it worth it or not?” summarizes Márquez. And, at least, for him, whenever there is an opportunity, it is worth it. “This is to win.”

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