Marc Gasol’s break with the Lakers points to Drummond

The departure of Marc Gasol from the Lakers, effective after a transfer of rights to his beloved Grizzlies, continues to raise dust. Also in Los Angeles although the first of his two seasons signed there did not respond to the player’s status, which is taken for granted that one day he will be in the Naismith Hall of Fame for his international achievements and in the NBA. The champions in 2020, with a new twist after the acquisition of Russell Westbrook between last season and next, are trying to return to the top, a place that Marc savored in 2019 with the Raptors. Despite the fact that his contract was not very lucrative and well suited to a level of veteran with a lot of wisdom who was not going to be the main protagonist, abrupt end. And the Lakers environment still does not tie all the ends in a decision promoted by Marc himself, according to information from this and the other side of the pond..

To what has been said about the precipitation of events with the signing of DeAndre Jordan, who Kyle goon more related to a sense of lack of interest in Marc perceived by the Lakers to go for another player to replace him, more cabals join. Another of the journalists who follows the team closely, Bill oram, looks further back to reconstruct the facts faithfully and brings to the fore the name of Andre Drummond, who is no longer on the lagoon squad.

“This is a consequence of that. Promising Drummond the position of Gasol’s incumbent and demoting him to being the third option created a dispute that could be resolved on good terms despite the fact that Marc acted correctly publicly in the immediacy of the events. and this summer while I was in Tokyo. Not only did Drummond’s signing make them worse on the court, it poisoned a player’s relationship with the team that he could have helped well based on the roster they’ve built. “, points out the one of The Athletic. Drummond was in the Pistons and he was one of those free agents for whom, knowing that they were going to cut his contract in good manners in Detroit, everyone wants, so the Lakers pounced on him and for that they almost explicitly offered him a promise: to be head by decree. Not that Marc had to be the option, there was also Montrezl Harrell as center and Anthony Davis if he went to that position, but the ratios with Drummond were disastrous and in the first round of qualifying it became clear that he was not cut out for the position, crowning the loss against the Suns with zero minutes played in the last game. A declaration of intent from Vogel admitting without saying it that he had been wrong in this management. Marc, who passed the coronavirus and was touched while this incorporation was being considered, was left with a very reduced role. The forms more than anything else killed the Barcelonian, who kept the registration and, despite the fact that the new year looked different and he had given his word after the Games, he has not returned. “Maybe this is a lesson that you shouldn’t always bet on the shiny new. Marc Gasol is a big man who opens up spaces on the court that could have been used in lineups with Russell Westbrook. ‘He could have really helped us. ‘, assures an internal source “, they add from The Athletic. And, indeed, to a quality but very brave base and with gaps to make the correct decisions such as Westbrook, a tall player who sets standards is great for him and with which he can take advantage of explosiveness and throwing in equal parts.

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Drummond, now at the Sixers, seems to have dragged Gasol off the team, blameless, of course. Who knows even if he was also from the NBA. The situation continues to collide when we see that the construction that has been made this summer has been based on veterans and that Jordan, who came from the Nets, is also one of them. The Angelenos, it is true, save some money with the movement allowed by the Grizzlies, which is a poetic closure to Marc’s American career if it is an end because that is how, with the same actors, he began his journey.

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