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‘Maravilla’ Alonso, boxer and celebrity image consultant

'Maravilla' Alonso, boxer and celebrity image consultant

Jonathan Wonderful Alonso (22-2-0, 7 KO) will be another of the main stars of the evening organized by Kerman Lejarraga (34-3-0, 26 KO) on April 29 (the doors will open at 5:00 p.m.) at the WiZink Center in Madrid. He will face the Ukrainian Zoravor Petrosian (13-2-0, 5 KO) for the WBA Continental Europe super lightweight, a title that can open doors for you internationally. But he not only shines in boxing, he is also an actor, he is one of the faces of the Netflix series Welcome to Eden, and the owner of crushhe fashion aesthetic center in Madrid attended by all celebrities of the national scene.

Jonathan Alonso and Kerman Lejarraga are old friends and old rivals. “We share more than sports, since his family and mine are very close,” he explains. Wonderful. And his beginnings in boxing were thanks to brother-in-law of the Basque boxer, Alexander Suarez. “At the age of 16 he convinced me to go to the gym to practice boxing, which I did not like, I preferred Muay Thai, Full contact or something like that. Since he wasn’t practicing any sport at that time, I said: ‘Come on, I’m going to sign up for something else, but I’ll accompany you to the gym,’” he recounts. As the gym was very new, there were no classes for the other disciplines, so he started training in boxing. “I was very good at it, it was like an addiction. I thought all the time about improving every day. And thanks to that little dream of achieving all those impossible things, we are still here 17 years later”, he comments. At 19, she signed him up Spanish Boxing Team and, in 2014, he made his professional debut in New York, with a third-round TKO victory against José Gómez (3-9-0, 0 KO).

The boxer Jonathan ‘Maravilla’ Alonso in his beauty salon ‘Crush’.PEPE ANDRESDiaryAS

How could it be otherwise, Wonderful Alonso is one of the great stars of Spanish boxing who will step into the ring at the WiZink Center in Madrid. He will face the Ukrainian Zoravor Petrosyan for him WBA Continental Europe super lightweight. “Both I and the team try to find the best way to get to the best possible shape and that is what we are doing, training every day with great enthusiasm and a lot of motivation”, says Jonathan.

But boxing isn’t the only thing on his mind. Wonderful. It has opened in Madrid crushtogether with his partner Alberto Isausti, a beauty center where all the celebrities of the current scene go. Their services range from barbershop, hairdresser and manicures, to tattoos, massages or micropigmentation. Something revolutionary in the city. “Crush arises from the idea that there was no beauty shop in all of Madrid that had all the services in one place. Most girls, especially, waste a lot of time. One day in the hair, another in the nails, in the massage…”, explains Jonathan.

The project, which was ambitious, has been a complete success. The most demanded are the female hairdresser and manicure. “The idea is to continue advancing with the rooms we have and to continue adding services to be number one,” he says. And it has become the aesthetic center of the celebrities by excellence. Its exclusive clientele ranges from influencerslike Lolalolita and her partner Ibelky, Mar Lucas or Oriana Marzoli, to the singerslike Omar Montes or Lola Indigo, or elite athletessuch as the fighter Ilia Topuria or the tennis player Carlos Alcaraz. “Everyone is treated equally, and the nice thing is that many ordinary people enter Crush and any day you can run into Abraham Mateo, Lola Indigo…”, he declares. A great experience for both customers and workers.

One of the visits most remembered by Jonathan was that of Carlos Alcaraz, who went to get a haircut one day before receiving the King. “He brought me his racket, with which he won the US Open and became number one in the world, to my surprise. I had been talking to him for a little less than a year and it turns out that in his family there were quite a few boxing fans and mine. I exchanged his racket for some gloves with which I did the World Championship”, he expresses.

And as if all that were not enough, Wonderful Alonso is also dedicated to interpretation. She started in high school with Kerman’s brother-in-law. “I got into theater with Álex because it took me out of mathematics, not because I liked it. Then he loved me, ”she explains. But when he signed for the National Team, his life changed and he fully focused on boxing. A few years later, he took part in a Bollywood movie for the first time in which he only spoke one sentence. He really liked the experience, but remained focused on boxing, as his goal was the Olympics.

“Then the possibility arose for me. palm trees in the snowthe Mario Casas film, which we also did a casting, but there I was in the United States and I preferred to box”, recounts Jonathan. His next movie was The King of Havana, where he played the role of the protagonist’s brother. “Seeing myself in the cinema, on the big screen, in a film by Agustí Villaronga… We won the Silver Shell, they nominated us for the Goya and it was like: ‘Wow, I want to dedicate myself to this. I’m very good at it, I like it a lot, I’m going to get more involved‘” he declares. From there, she became more involved in acting and participated in two seasons of giants with Jose Coronado. In 2022, she joined the cast of welcome to edenthat It premiered its second season on April 21.. “The first season was a success, number one in more than 80 countries. And to continue. My idea is, at the same time as boxing, to continue on Netflix, on Prime, on Disney and reach Hollywood one day. Hopefully some Black Panther or a believe. that is the goal“, Explain.

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