Home Sports Maradona’s cars and houses were left without bid in the international auction

Maradona’s cars and houses were left without bid in the international auction

Maradona’s cars and houses were left without bid in the international auction

Some of the cars and houses that belonged to Diego Maradona in Argentina were left without a bid during the international telematic auction that put 87 goods on sale this Sunday that belonged to the soccer star, who died on November 25, 2020.

Houses, cars, training machines, decorative objects, images of Maradona and sportswear were some of the belongings of the "10" that more than 1,500 people, around the world, wanted to stay as a souvenir of the greatest soccer player of all time.

“Because of its emotional significance, it is the most important auction in the history of our company. Those interested, from our country and the world, will have a unique opportunity to acquire a Maradona asset in a totally transparent auction, carried out by professionals ”, said the first executive of the group that carried out the auction, Adrián Mercado.

In this sense, objects with great sentimental value were mainly sold, such as a straw hat with a blue ribbon that Diego used.

The base was $ 20, the first offer that came in was $ 50, until it finally settled at $ 320.

A cap with the colors of the Venezuelan flag was also auctioned at $ 520, which he received from the country’s president himself, Nicolás Maduro, and which he used in his first victory as technical director of Gimnasia de la Plata.

Another item was a guitar signed by Andalusian guitarist Vicente Amigo, sold for $ 1,000. The dedication reads: “To Diego Armando Maradona, the greatest in history.”

The stellar asset of the auction was a house located in the Villa Devoto neighborhood where the parents of the world champion lived: Dalma Salvadora Franco (Doña Tota) and Diego Maradona (Don Diego). His son had given it to him in 1980, when he played for Argentinos Juniors. Nobody bought it.

Although the price started at 900,000 thousand dollars, no participant wanted to fight for the house of ‘Ten’ and it ended up being vacant.

Another property that ended without bids was an apartment located on the coast of Mar del Plata, province of Buenos Aires, which started at $ 65,000 and for which there were no bids.

The BMW M4 coupe car, specially modified by Maradona, who used it to go to gymnastics training, also remained without a bid, with a cost that started at 170 thousand dollars.

The vehicle had the soccer star’s signature on the windshield, blue headlights and a police-like siren. These last details make it illegal to circulate with it.

Another of the last cars that the “Pelusa” had bought, a 2020 BMW 759i sedan started at $ 240,000 but did not sell and the same happened with a Hyundai H1 van that he used when he was coach of the Dorados de Sinaloa, Mexico , whose starting price was 38 thousand dollars.

"The auction of 10", in charge of the Adrián Mercado Group, was an initiative of the five children and heirs of the former captain of the Albiceleste team: Diego, Gianinna, Dalma, Jana and Diego Fernando.

The intention of the heirs was to get rid of goods that generated expenses and some items that belonged to their father and carry great sentimental value for fans, all items were valued in dollars.


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