Maradólar, the new cryptocurrency in honor of Diego Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona will have a cryptocurrency in his honor, which will be formally launched on October 30, the day the greatest Argentine footballer would turn 61. It is about the “maradollars”.

Randomly 10 thousand “maradollars will be distributed to 10 thousand people who have registered at the time of its presentation, days before one year of the death of the former captain of the Argentine National Team, which occurred on November 25, 2020.

According to the developers, it was sought “to build an independent currency for a specific sector of the economy. To bring the informal economy closer to the crypto world and obtain an independent currency in a country with high inflation, at times in restricted default and with a high emission “.

The official site reported that the cryptocurrencies will be distributed through the “airdrop” processing and once the 100 thousand active users have been reached, liquidity will be injected into the currency in a resulting USD / $ MDL pair. It was also announced that the currency will not be listed on virtual exchange houses and that its price will be assigned by the market based on supply and demand.

Secondly, “there will be no risk of money losses”As they said, since up to 100,000 active users will be accepted and, therefore, it is not necessary to invest capital to acquire “maradollars”.

Cryptocurrencies, also called cryptocurrencies or crypto assets, are a digital medium of exchange that fulfills the function of a currency, but it is totally digital. Cryptographic methods are used to secure your financial transactionss, control the creation of new units and verify the transfer of assets.

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