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“Many do not speak English, which forces me to speak Spanish”

The Austrian defender of the Real Madrid, David Alaba, assures that it was the white club itself that asked him to wear the shirt with the number 4, like the legendary ex-captains Fernando Hierro and Sergio Ramos, so he wears that number “with pride and as an additional incentive”.

In an interview with the Austrian newspaper Kurier, in its edition of January 1, the player highlights that this number has a “special history” at Real Madrid.

“In addition, it was clear to me that with this the expectations in me would be even greater,” he recalls his beginnings in Madrid.

Alaba highlights that his first months at the white club have been very satisfactory.

“It was an exciting year, also as a person. It was a very emotional and beautiful year,” adds the 29-year-old defender, who arrived at Real Madrid last summer from Bayern Munich, the reigning champion of the German Bundesliga.

“Munich is my second home after 13 years there. In the club and in the team he had an important role. Until I became a leading player, I got to know the club and the city from above and below. I have many friends in Munich. I have had to give up a lot of comfort (with the move to Madrid) “, highlights Alaba.

Regarding his knowledge of Spanish, the Austrian defender, son of a Nigerian father and a Filipino mother, assures that he already manages to maintain cordial conversations.

“Many (in the team) do not speak English, which forces me to speak Spanish. (But) giving an interview (in Spanish) that would be something else, “he acknowledges his limitations.

One of his goals for the year 2022 is to grant an interview in Spanish, he adds.

On his recent infection with the coronavirus, the second since last summer, the defender says he overcame it reasonably well, with few symptoms.

In any case, he affirms that he is vaccinated with the complete guideline against covid-19.

Among your sporting goals for the new year, Alaba highlights first winning the league with Real Madrid and going as far as possible in the other competitions.

“With the (Austrian) team we have the possibility of reaching the World Cup through the play-offs. That is my dream.”, concludes the Madrid defender, eight times footballer of the year in his Austria native.

Austria faces on March 24 next to Welsh in the semifinal of the World Cup repechage and in case of winning that match he would face on March 29 for a place in Qatar 2022 the winner of Scotland and Ukraine.

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