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Manuel Vizcaíno goes for a transfer to Getafe: Revenge of Cádiz CF

Institutional relations between Cádiz CF and Getafe CF are not the best possible due to an exchange of controversial statements between Manuel Vizcaíno and Ángel Torres

Since before the end of the season, Manuel Vizcaino denounced that Getafe CF was playing dirty by negotiating with players from Cadiz CF. This situation did not sit well with the Cadista president, who assured that it was ethical for them to negotiate with a player from a club with which they were competing to save the category. Something that provoked a reply from Ángel Torres.

Relations between the two clubs have worsened significantly, as Getafe CF signed Choco Lozano. But not only that, but they were also negotiating with Espino during the season. But now the tables have turned. And it is that it is Manuel Vizcaíno the one who negotiates with a blue player for Cádiz CF.

Manuel Vizcaíno wants a Getafe CF player at Cádiz CF
Luis Milla does not enter into Bordalás’ plans

The Getafe player that Manuel Vizcaíno wants for Cádiz CF

On this occasion, as we have been able to learn in the last few hours, Getafe CF has put Luis Milla on the market. The Madrid midfielder has not convinced Bordalás and the club has placed the transferable poster on him. An unsuspected situation last summer, when they decided to pay 5 million euros for his signing.

In this situation, Cádiz CF has set its sights on Luis Milla. Many have been the Cádiz fans who have requested the signing of the midfielder to the club, as they consider that it is a different profile from the one they currently have on the squad. Likewise, he is a 28-year-old player who, by age, should be in the best moment of his sports career.

Luis Milla looks for a new team in LaLiga

However, and although Cádiz CF walks in the footsteps of Luis Milla, the yellows are not the only ones interested in his signing. A signing that will not be easy either, as Getafe CF will try, as far as possible, to recover the 5 million euros invested in his signing just one year ago. All not to mention that the player has a contract until 2027 and plans to give it up if it is not to improve.

Be that as it may, Manuel Vizcaíno wants to take revenge on Getafe CF for everything that happened in the last few months. A revenge that, in addition, would mean a hard blow, since Luis Milla has shown that he is a more than valid player for the elite of Spanish football. Of course, it remains to be seen if it is finally Cádiz CF that is done with the signing of him for the next season.

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