Manuel Pellegrini chooses bench after Betis

The engineer’s words that have scared several Betis fans

Although the coach Manuel Pellegrini has a contract with Betis until 2025, a series of declarations have the entire green and white hobby The engineer gave an interview for the well-known media outlet ESPN and in it he talked about what he expects in the near future. However, the journalist was more specific, and questioned his options to lead the selection of his country.

The Mr. Austral He has never denied wanting to be him Chile coach, but he has rejected several offers from the Chilean federation. However, this he said. “If there is a serious project in Chile, at a certain moment, where there is globalized work through the lower divisions, the championship, the clubs, which allows us to aspire to reach a World Cup with a solid base, I would happily take charge”.

Manuel Pellegrini
Since his time as coach of Villarreal, the Chilean football federation has tried to sign Manuel Pellegrini.

What has to happen for Manuel Pellegrini to be the Chile coach

As we have been saying, the engineer has rejected several offers from his country to direct the South American La Roja, but in all of them he has had valid arguments to do so. First of all, the coach clarifies. “I don’t think my obligation is to go to Chile to try to qualify for a World Cup.” Pellegrini goes further, and his plan is different.

What the Bético coach really wants to consider being the coach of his country is a long-term project. “With what I still have to do, of course there is a space that I would love to fill with the possibility of working together, with a serious board that wants to develop Chilean soccer to be able to reach a World Cup through a base and not by chance results in a year”.

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Being the coach of Chile for now is not in the plans of Manuel Pellegrini

The main reason why Pellegrini does not consider being the coach of the South American team now is called Real Betis. And it is that the engineer is a very serious and accomplished person, and he does not like to leave the teams with a process that goes halfway. In the case of the Verdiblanco team, this has proven to be one of the best strategists who have passed through the Heliopolitan bench.

“For now I have a deal with Betis for three more years. I like to honor my contracts. Every year I start with the same demand, not looking at what I have done backwards, but what remains to be done going forward”, commented the Chilean coach. For now, the Chilean soccer federation will have to continue looking for candidates for the 2026 World Cup qualifiers.

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