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Manu Vega: from Spain to the world, he will soon film in Santo Domingo

Manu Vega: from Spain to the world, he will soon film in Santo Domingo

Manu Vega, a name that has begun to resonate in the world of film and television, whom many know from series such as “El Juego de las Llaves” or the acclaimed Amazon Video film “The Eighth Clause” in which he shared a scene with the Mexican actress Maite Perroni.

To learn more about this new actor, we must go back to his beginnings. His father is Felipe Vega, a Spanish director and screenwriter, which allowed him to be born surrounded by artists and to know the seventh art from birth, with which he fell in love, although he explains that knowing how difficult the artistic medium was, his mother did not want him to dedicate himself to this. However, later she was able to support him.

Looking at the poster of his favorite film “Match Point” by Woody Allen, he confirmed that the cinema would be his thing. “That film completely changed the paradigm of cinema for me and, it is true that with my father I had seen a lot of classic cinema, cinema of all kinds, from French to Hitchcock (Alfred Joseph Hitchcock was a British film director, producer and screenwriter), as well as many completely different things. But I don’t know what happens with that movie, which I had a great obsession with; It marked me completely and my way of thinking about cinema evolved, ”said the actor while he smiled and combed his hair.

At the age of 16, she had the opportunity to work as a model for important international brands and, at this stage, she collaborates with photographers such as Mario Testino, Chesko López or Rudy Martínez, getting to know different cultures, flavors and colors, which allowed her to become independent in addition to learning about the life of the migrant.

After living her stage as a model, she returns at the age of 19 and takes a step forward in her true vocation and enters the most prestigious acting school in Spain, the RESAD (Royal Higher School of Dramatic Art), where she graduates, after four years of training, with honors; It is there where her true passion begins and she participates in relevant television series from her native country “State Secrets”, “El Continental”, “Cupido”, among others.

Vega defines his first great work as a huge opportunity, it was the web series “Cupido” for which he was called to interpret a single sentence, but due to his excellent work he managed to become the protagonist of the story.

your first chance

“My years of study were spent trying to meet casting directors or how to get to them. My first real opportunity was in the web series “Cupido”, from Televisión Española, where I had a very small role and the chapters were being written day by day. So the first thing they gave me was a sentence. With that phrase they told me: -well, let’s see how you do it. This will be your first opportunity… I did it and they liked it so much that I ended up becoming the protagonist of that little series.

Manu Vega, Spanish actor. “With the years I have left” from Amazon Video and “Lobo Feroz” from Netflix, are just two of the most recent productions in which he has participated.Javier Mantrana del Valle

“With the years I have left”, from Amazon Video, and “Lobo Feroz”, from Netflix, are just two of the most recent productions in which Manu has participated, who appreciates the opportunity of global exposure by participating in two large streaming platforms and mentions that “With the years I have left” had something special about him.

“That film has a character that for millions of reasons has touched me a lot. He is a boy who goes to the United States looking for a life, trying to find himself, it is something that I indirectly went through, when I left my country in search of finding myself and following my dreams, ”he said.

He brings it to the Dominican Republic a project that will be shot at the end of this year and the beginning of 2024. It is currently in the location search phase and talks about production.

In addition to this project, he will be seen in the comedy “While Cupid Is Not Here”, a love story that invites us to reflect on bonds and tolerance for diversity through humor. Here she shares credits with Vadhir Derbez and it will be released in 2024.

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