Manresa, to the quarterfinals after losing by one in Lithuania

Baxi Manresa showed trade this wednesday and despite losing on the court of Rytas Vilnius, will be in the quarterfinals of the Champions League after winning on the points difference to the Lithuanian team.

The Manresa team started very strong the game and with great offensive success to achieve a first advantage (3-11 min 3). From here, the Lithuanian team began to burn and the run until the end of the quarter was 20-11 to close the first ten minutes one point up.

The second quarter started with an exchange of baskets, and Baxi Manresa benefited thanks to a 3-6 run from the start (26-28 min 12). Both teams continued scoring with solvency in a match with high shooting percentages. In the final stretch of the fourth, the Catalans began to dominate the rebound and managed to close the first half with an eight-point lead.

In the third act, the point guard Marcus Foster threw his team behind him and commanded the local comeback with a 25-14 run until Pedro Martínez had to stop the game (69-66 min 27). Baxi Manresa managed to stop the local gale with two baskets from center Babatunde Olumuyiwa to close the third quarter with a four-point deficit.

The Lithuanians managed to stretch the difference above twelve points to be virtually classified for the quarterfinals (87-74 min 35). From then on, the match entered a phase of constant speculation, with Baxi Manresa trying to be less than thirteen points behind. In this situation, two unsportsmanlike, practically consecutive in favor of the Manresa team, were key to tighten the score and allow the Catalans to qualify for the quarterfinals.


96. RYTAS VILNIUS (23+21+30+22): Marcus Foster (27), Fridriksson (14), Radzevicius (5), Masiulis (7), Kayris(6) –starting five– Normantas (10), McCullum (7), Varadi (5), Uleckas (-), Gorham (3) and Echodas (12).

95. BAXI MANRESA (22+30+18+25): Dani Pérez (11), Harding (23), Vaulet (2) Robinson (22) Steinbergs (18)–starting five– Ferrari (2), Dani Garcia (-), Badio (7), Waczynski (8), Jou ( 9), Olumuyiwa (6) and Geben (4).

Referees: Manuel Mazzoni (ITA), Yohan Rosso (FRA) and Boris Krejic (SLO). Local players Normantas and Masiulis were eliminated for five fouls.

Incidents: match corresponding to day 6 of the round of 16 of the Champions League played in the Rytas Arenas pavilion before 3,542 spectators.

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