Manresa overwhelms a Gran Canaria that will be seen with Madrid

Gran Canaria suffered this Wednesday at the Nou Congost in Manresa the biggest defeat of the entire season in the Endesa League, after lose by 30 points against the Manresa team in a match to forget about the team coached by Jaka Lakovic.

The canaries only endured the first quarter and they had no response to the triples from Baxi Manresa who was far superior in that regard (14/28 Manresa to 6/28 Gran Canaria), in addition to clearly losing the battle for the rebound (42-24).

The local team started like a shot with three consecutive triples to situate a 9-2 start. From then on, the percentages dropped and the partial for Gran Canaria was 0-8 cIt’s more than four minutes without scoring by the locals. (9-10 min 6). The Manresa team recovered positive sensations in the final stretch of the fourth and with a 13-7 run they managed to finish the first round with a five-point lead.

Baxi Manresa came out again like an arrow into the second quarter and with a partial of 7-0 shot the lead up to twelve points (29-17 min 12). Lhe Canaries were unable to slow down the pace from Manresa, encouraged by a crowd that fired their team this season (37-19 min 15). The locals went into the break with an 18-point advantage, achieving a maximum ofe 23 in the fourth.

The team led by Jaka Lakovic found themselves very lost at all times and found themselves surpassed by a Baxi Manresa who showed more ambition to win the game. Jaka Lakovic himself said it at a press conference after feeling “disappointed with his team and with himself” for not hitting the key.

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Gran Canaria began the third quarter showing greater aggressiveness on both sides of the field, but even so, Baxi Manresa’s success was very high (61-42 min 25). The locals dominated thanks to the greatest success in the triple and to control the rebound. The people of Manresa enteredthe last quarter with a comfortable advantage of 23 points.

Some of the most important Canarian players in the team’s offense were not connected. For example, at rest AJ Slaughter had only 2 pointss, the same ones with which the match ended.

In the last quarter there was no story. The dominance of those from Bages was very clear and they ended up liking each other to give away the seventh consecutive victory in the ACB League as local. Instead, Gran Canaria suffered the heaviest defeat of the season in domestic competition. In addition, in the previous day they already lost 28 points against Real Madrid which, precisely, will be the insular rival in the playoff.

Lakovic tried in every way, giving entry to the twelve players called up, but not even for those could he compete against Baxi Manresa. Damien Inglis and Balcerowski They were the most outstanding with 11 points, the day the latest incorporation debuted, Alexander Nikolic. The Slovenian managed 2 points and 4 credits valuation in almost 18 minutes on track.

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